Is the Tibetan Lama a descendant of Atlantis? What did Hitler discover that he went to Tibet frequently

In 1929, an unprecedented economic crisis began in the United States, swept the world, of course, also hit Germany. Germany was affected and almost broke. In 1933, Hitler came to power. In a special way, in a short period of six years, he made Germany become one of the top economic powers in the world from a country with the highest financial deficit and unemployment rate in Europe.

During this period, Hitler not only paid attention to economic development, but also paid special attention to talent cultivation. Before World War II, many Nobel Prize winners came from Germany. When the Nazis disintegrated, we can know from the first time that the United States was actively looking for German scientists that Germany was full of talents.

But in particular, in addition to his scientific research, Hitler also focused on the study of “supernatural forces”. He constantly recruited all kinds of capable people and scholars, and arranged for them to come to weiersburg for unified management. These people studied all kinds of mystics day and night.

In 1936, a year before the start of World War II, Hitler met two lamas in verwelsburg. According to Hitler’s close aides, he also deliberately supported the people around him at that time.

Although the attendants never heard what the Hitler Lama said, they noticed that shortly after the door was closed, an inexplicable strong light came out from the crack of the door.

Since this meeting, Hitler has always met Lama in private on a regular basis.

During the Second World War, Germany once made an action that made the outside world puzzled. In 1938, they sent a large number of submarines carrying a lot of materials and scientists to the South Pole. At that time, many people wondered why Hitler sent people to Antarctica at such a critical time?

The point is that this strange act happened more than once. In the same year, Hitler even assigned his trusted follower Himmler to organize a professional expedition to Tibet. By this time, World War II had begun. This was an investigation team composed of various fields, including anthropologists, geologists and archaeologists. Their purpose was to go to Tibet and look for the legendary descendants of Atlantis.

I don’t know why, Hitler not only believed in the existence of Atlantis, but also, according to the information he had, he believed that the Tibetans were inseparable from this mysterious country. He hopes to come here and find the legendary descendants of Atlantis before all other countries. In this way, maybe he will have the opportunity to dominate the world with the technology of Atlantis.

The axis of the earth

After a period of time, the team finally came to Tibet and began to contact with the local people. With the consent of the Lord, they actually measured the head size of the local people and obtained a lot of first-hand information. They even photographed the process.

In the course of the investigation, they also inadvertently learned from the local population that there is a treasure called “earth axis” hidden underground in Tibet. It has a mysterious energy field, which can protect human beings from the attack of artillery. It even has the power to reverse time and space.

But the team did not find or see the “axis of the earth”. After that, the team returned to Germany with information about the axis of the earth and other valuable research materials.

In 1943, Hitler suffered heavy losses in the battle of Stalingrad. Seeing that the general situation had passed, unwilling Hitler decided to send another team led by Heinrich Heller to Tibet for the second time. The only purpose of their trip was to find the “axis of the earth”.

In the process, Heinrich Haller was once arrested by the British army. It was not until 1944 that he finally came to Tibet. Although he had gone through a lot of hardships, he still did not forget the task assigned by Hitler. He began to actively look for the “axis of the earth.”.

In 1945, Hitler, who could not wait for the earth’s axis, ended his life. After Hitler’s death, Heinrich Heller still stayed in Tibet for seven years. During the seven years, he collected more than 2000 pages of reports. When he was about to leave Tibet, he was caught by Britain again.

The United Kingdom took away the confidential information before releasing him. Later, the United States also joined in the study of this batch of Tibetan information. Moreover, the United States also classified the information as confidential, and it will not be released until 2044.

Seeing this, do you think that Tibet is really so magical? If so, is there any evidence?

In fact, in 2004, the doctor of Harvard Medical school organized a team to actually study the brain of lamas. After the research, it was found that the brain of lamas is really different from that of ordinary people. In addition to a doctor from Harvard University who has been to Tibet, another doctor from Oxford Medical School, Zhar, came to Tibet in the 1930s. At that time, he was very lucky to witness the legendary “floating technique” with his own eyes.

In addition, he also took photos. In addition to the photos, as a doctor, he immediately made a very detailed note on the spot, telling everyone how lamas made rocks float. In his notes, he specially marked the size of the stone.

It turns out that the stone is 1.5 meters high and about 1 meter wide. It can be seen that it is not a small stone. 63 meters away from the stone, there are 19 lamas standing first. They surround the stone in a semicircular arc. Six of them play trumpets, and the other 13 play metal drums of different sizes.

After these lamas, there are another 200 lamas. They will start chanting along with the music. At the beginning, the stone was not moved. But soon, the stone began to shake left and right, and then rose steadily. In less than 3 minutes, the Lama successfully sent the huge stone to the 250 meter high cliff in this way.

Isn’t that incredible?

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