Is the ultimate destination of mankind alien? Is it true that British scientists have made new discoveries?

Where will human beings go in the end? British scientist: maybe it’s a new world beyond the earth!

All life on the earth has to go through the process of birth, aging, illness and death. Even any star in the universe has a fixed life span, and the earth is no exception. According to the data of scientists, the life span of the earth is only about 10 billion years. Now 4.6 billion years has passed. If human beings want to continue their civilization, then the earth is by no means the end, and human beings must live for their own sake Survive to find another planet.

In fact, since ancient times, human beings have been yearning for the universe, and they clearly realize that the earth is not the ultimate habitat. Today’s earth situation is peaceful, but in some places there are still poor areas that can’t afford food and clothes. But we all have a common goal, that is to explore space economy and aviation technology. If the earth is no longer suitable for human survival, then those who master the immigration technology will have the right to speak, and human civilization will be able to continue better.

Human exploration of the universe

Although the idea of human beings is very beautiful, even after decades of exploration, we have not found another planet similar to the earth. Although there are many planets suspected of water resources and life, there is no substantial evidence to verify this statement. It’s very rare that the earth can give birth to life. Abundant fresh water resources, sufficient oxygen and suitable temperature are the necessary conditions for us to survive on the earth. Nowadays, all countries have turned their livable eyes to Mars. We all know that the environment on Mars is very bad. But if human beings can create a higher level of technology, as long as Mars is transformed, interstellar migration can be realized within a short time.

New discoveries by scientists

Some time ago, foreign scientists have made new discoveries. They have discovered that there may be planets outside the Milky way where life is born. In the long process of exploration, they worked out an algorithm through which human beings can discover new universe. So far, scientists have discovered more than 50 exoplanets based on this algorithm.

As long as human beings do not stop the pace of exploring the universe, with the help of this set of algorithms and excellent power system, we can explore more and more distant regions and find more and more planets. If the earth has an accident, we can achieve space migration with the help of new rockets.

The earth has existed for more than 4 billion years, and the development of human civilization is only a few thousand years, which is a drop in the bucket in the universe. Therefore, the time left for human beings is still very long. If we continue to explore the universe, then the alien world will not be far away from us. What do you think?

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