Is the underground world in Tibet? Hitler was so obsessed with Tibet that he wanted to find it!

Have you found that almost all mysterious events happen to Westerners? Today, Xiao Bian will take you to see the mysterious events in Asia!

As we all know, Tibet is an autonomous region of ethnic minorities on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, where there is a world-famous Tibetan Buddhism. For those who do not know Tibetan Buddhism, they may think it is an ordinary religious group, but in fact, it is very mysterious.

In 1945, dictator Hitler ended his life with a bullet. Just as the world celebrated the death of a generation of demons, few people noticed that there was a Tibetan Lama among the cronies who accompanied Hitler to die at that time.

Moreover, Hitler sent his cronies to Tibet twice in his lifetime to find something very important. It is said that whoever owns it has the ability to travel through time. Many people think that Hitler’s obsession with Tibet is a kind of obsession. However, there are also other people who think that Hitler had the world’s top scientists at that time, and their science, technology and force were comparable to those of the United States. Is it possible that he knew something we didn’t know?

Nowadays, there are constantly first-class research teams, which have confirmed that Tibet may really have a mysterious force. Even recently, scientific research has proved that there is a mysterious area under the Himalayas. Perhaps the legendary underground world is not just a legend.

According to an old legend, among the numerous snow mountains in Tibet, there is a mysterious country called “Xiangbala”. It is protected by a kind of border, so it is almost impossible for ordinary people to find it. Only a few “permitted people” have seen its true face.

It is a mysterious country and a paradise that people yearn for. Here, many animals and plants live in harmony. In addition to ordinary animals and plants, the legendary Snowman also lives here.

Tibetans believe that the snowman is a mysterious creature between ape man and modern human. Its body is covered with thick hair and its height is at least 2 meters. Local people call it the “night emperor”. According to legend, if you are lucky enough to see the night emperor, you can follow him secretly and find the legendary Shambhala.

A Tibetan scholar, Awang Banzhida, once described Shambhala in this way. He said that the country is a city built in a circular way, which is a little like a lotus. The circle in the center and the circle outside is surrounded by snow mountains. At the most central position, there is a palace called “Roudan Palace”. This palace is made of crystal and will emit dazzling light.

As early as a thousand years ago, the residents here have evolved from the physical body to the rainbow body, which is called “high dimensional life”.

Originally, Shambhala was just a legend, but now more and more scholars believe that Shambhala is probably the legendary Atlantis.

Tibet has two descriptions of the location of this mysterious country: one is that it is hidden in snow mountains, and the other is that it is likely to be hidden underground. Unexpectedly, in 2007, there were a group of scientists who counted the East Asian earthquake data from 2007 to 2011, and then input these data into the supercomputer to draw a 3D underground model Fig.

Then, they were surprised to find an incredible thing: there are many large areas of holes under the Himalayas, of which the smallest area is 150000 square kilometers.

At that time, everyone felt very strange, because the Himalayas is the highest mountain in the world. If the ground is hollow, how can it support such a big mountain?

The point is that the team also found that there is some strange medium in these cavities, which has a strong conductivity. Some scientists have explained that this is likely to be a high concentration of Salt Lake, but some experts do not agree that salt lake can have such a strong conductive effect.

So the question is, what is in the void? We have many mysterious legends, which have been verified by modern science and technology. So, we should keep our curiosity. Maybe you are the next one to discover the secret!

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