Is the United States successful in landing on the moon? Scientists show evidence that astronauts left them on the moon!

Since ancient times, mankind has been full of endless yearning for the moon. A few days ago, China was also brushed by a piece of news. Chang’e-5 was successfully launched, marking a milestone in China’s lunar exploration. Although the moon is still very close to the earth, so far, only the United States has sent astronauts to the moon. Now, decades have passed, it seems that the focus of human exploration has shifted to Mars, and the moon has been gradually forgotten by us.

Therefore, many conspiracy theorists believe that human beings have never successfully landed on the moon, and the photos on the Internet are actually synthetic. Although these conspiracy theorists are fond of talking about it, there are many loopholes in careful deliberation. At that time, the moon landing in the United States was also under the attention of the whole world. Could it be that an unprecedented moon landing campaign could make a fake in full view of the public? The United States has successfully sent 12 astronauts to the moon. In fact, careful observation shows that astronauts have left many objects on the moon, which are the best evidence of human landing on the moon.

What’s left on the moon?

There is no launch site on the moon. Although Apollo astronauts have successfully landed, when they leave, they only take the ascent module, while the lander will be left on the moon, in order to ensure sufficient power and fuel. During the six lunar landings, the astronauts left six landers, which is also the heaviest artifact left on the moon by human beings. Since Apollo 15, NASA has left the lunar rover on the moon. These lunar rovers are equipped with advanced communication equipment and color cameras, which can not only broadcast the lunar activities to people on the ground, but also send back a large number of precious images.

At that time, after the astronauts entered the moon, they not only left a flag on the surface of the moon, but also took a lot of photos. In addition, they also installed many mirrors, which could reflect the laser reflected from the earth back to the light source, so that scientists could accurately calculate the distance between the earth and the moon, and the deviation was only two centimeters. According to the current data, the United States and the former Soviet Union left a total of five mirrors on the moon.

Human landing on the moon is a big project, so every time the astronauts land on the moon, they will put an American flag on the surface. At present, there are six American flags on the moon. According to the photos taken by the satellite, these flags are not lost, and they are still flying in the wind on the surface of the moon.

In fact, the astronauts also left some unimaginable things, that is feces. According to NASA data, these 12 astronauts left 96 bags of feces on the moon. The United States also claims that it will return to the moon in the future. One of the plans is to take these feces back for relevant tests. With the development of science and technology, it is not difficult for human beings to return to the moon.

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