Is the universe dominated by mysterious forces? Einstein’s Secret 90 years ago was finally discovered

Today’s understanding of space is not comprehensive, but it has been gradually improved with the continuous development of science and technology. For human beings, there is only one earth after all. Although the development of human beings on the earth seems to be smooth, it does not mean that the future development of human beings can only be limited to the earth. There are so many planets in outer space. Why should we love this earth alone?

Now, people have been able to explore the universe in many different ways, whether it’s with emission detectors, or with radio telescopes, or in the interior of the earth, or in space, with space telescopes. These ways enable people to better observe the secrets of outer space.

Although there are many ways to study the universe at present, we mainly use it to launch detectors to understand the depth and space in an all-round way, and explore more unknown areas in the universe through transmitters. This detection method has many advantages, for example, through the comprehensive observation perspective, we can see the universe more widely and capture more comprehensive unknown things.

But there are also some difficulties and problems in this kind of exploration, that is, the speed of the spacecraft can not be compared with the speed of the universe. Although this is the fastest speed on earth, it is still unable to study the universe quickly. For this problem, in addition to this method of observing the universe, there is another research method, that is, scientists use astronomical telescopes for research and exploration.

Although it can not directly enter the research field in this way, it has the advantages of randomly changing positions and saving energy. Because of this advantage, scientists have long adopted this research method. Astronomical telescopes first studied the history of the universe. Recently, the use of radio telescopes has also been greatly improved.

In this way, scientists found a special kind of matter in the universe, but it is difficult to find with the naked eye. Scientists call this kind of matter dark matter. When scientists studied deeply, they found another surprising fact, that is, dark matter seems to have a mysterious power to control the universe, and the universe is like a large computer, which can control all objects around like programming.

Some researchers suddenly discovered that Einstein had discovered this phenomenon for a long time, but he did not publish these drawings before his death, and was destroyed by others after his death.

Many scientists are puzzled why the news is not published. As early as 90 years ago, Einstein saw through the dark matter in the universe, but did not disclose all of it, which means that there must be something difficult to say. Moreover, his secret choice also made it take nearly a century for human beings to discover dark matter, which brought great inconvenience to scientists’ research and development in the universe.

In a word, there must be his own reason why Einstein didn’t announce it. It’s also our ability that we can find out. What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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