Is the universe the brain of the unknown? Do you believe it? The structure of the human brain is surprisingly similar to that of the universe

There is such an interesting saying about the world in Indian mythology that the whole world is just a dream of Brahma. When Brahma wakes up, the world will no longer exist. That is to say, the world we live in comes from the consciousness in God’s brain, but it is only an ancient myth after all.

But what kind of existence is the world we live in? This has always been an unsolved mystery. Whether we observe it from a macro perspective or analyze it from a micro perspective, we still can not clearly understand it. Maybe what we see in front of our eyes is just the skin of the world, just like the human brain, only 5% has been developed, and 95% is waiting for us to excavate.

But even so, our brain hole is still infinite. If someone told you that the universe is actually a super brain, and our brain is indeed a small universe, would you believe it? Now, however, there is growing evidence that there are striking similarities between the brain and the universe.

Here are two photos published in the New York Times in 2018. One is a picture of a mouse brain cell, and the other is a picture of the universe. Can you tell which is the brain cell and which is the universe?

The brain of a mouse is made up of a large number of interconnected neurons. What about the early universe? Galaxies are also interconnected. We can hardly tell the difference between the two pictures.

The scientists tried to replace the contrast picture with the human brain and made a comparison with the universe. The result shows that the structure of the universe is very similar to that of the human brain. This makes many people begin to wonder, what is the relationship between the universe and the brain?

The human brain has 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connection points, and its structure is extremely complex. Nowadays, researchers’ research on the brain only stays at the shallowest level. However, there is no doubt about the complexity of the universe.

Many galaxies attract each other because of gravity, forming an amazing group of galaxies. In the universe, there are many such Galaxy groups. There are at least 10 billion light in the Milky way, and galaxies will be mixed with a variety of celestial bodies, star systems and so on. In addition, scientists believe that more than 90% of the universe is covered by dark matter.

The same is true of our brain. There is a kind of cell in the brain called neurotic cell, which has a very wide range of functions. It connects almost every cell in the brain and does not transmit information. In fact, not only the structure of the human brain is similar to that of the universe, but also they grow in the same way.

At the beginning of the birth of the universe, the distribution of galaxies in the universe was scattered, and there was almost no link between galaxies. With the evolution of the universe, nebulae, dust and other materials that can connect the two gradually appear between galaxies.

The same is true in the brain. At the beginning, the neurons in the brain are not connected. In the process of brain growth and development, all kinds of nerve cells gradually form a whole, forming a neural vein and neural network. Many people have to wonder whether the human brain is a micro universe? And the universe is a giant brain?

Coincidentally, in the three pound universe co written by magazine editor and writer Judith hopper and her husband Dick Tracy, there are two photos that are surprisingly similar!

One is the cerebral cortex, and the other is the dark matter of the universe. By comparing the two photos, we can see that the brain is more like a microcosm. And the universe is a giant brain. This further confirms the views of earlier scientists. As like as two peas in the Journal of science, a research paper published in the column on “science report” shows that the growth and structure of the universe are almost the same as that of brain cells.

If the universe is really a brain, it must be conscious. What is it thinking about?

Scientists believe that the consciousness of the universe will be the same as that of the human brain, sometimes sober and sometimes fuzzy. At the same time, by collecting data, scientists find that no matter how important events occur in the universe, they will naturally adjust and return to the original state in a short time.

It may also be that the consciousness of the universe controls everything inside the universe. If we follow this logic and make further analysis, we may come to a super terrible conclusion, that is

Our human existence is only a consciousness in the universe.

In our eyes, the universe is not a real one, and we can draw the opposite conclusion. If this is true, it just proves the ancient myth of India, the dream of Brahma.

According to the research ideas of scientists, is it possible to think that the universe, like the human brain, is a conscious intelligent body? For example, atoms and nuclei, like the earth and the sun, are all surrounded by gravity. What about atoms and nuclei in the universe?

Xiaobian thinks, but these are just a brain hole for us. After all, similarity can’t replace reality. Just like airplane and bird, airplane is invented and designed according to the flight principle of bird, but it can’t be said that airplane is bird. But what is the real face of the universe? Maybe we don’t know what we have.

What do you think of this?

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