Is the world a virtual product? Scientist: what is the purpose of the creator or advanced civilization?

Since ancient times, people have been thinking about what the world is like? In ancient times, people thought that the earth was a huge quadrilateral, and the sky was a pot cover bigger than the earth.

After that, people began to gradually understand the universe and realized that the earth is a sphere and the space outside the earth is the sky. People’s knowledge is more and more abundant, and there are more and more questions, such as how big is the universe? How did space come into being? After the event, some people even suspect that the world actually does not exist, but is made of virtual design.

But when we turn to ourselves from the perspective of the universe, we find that our existence is the most incredible. For the environment of the universe, the requirements of human survival on the environment are extremely harsh. From the perspective of nature, it requires too many coincidences, which is a miracle. Any change in the cosmic environment may threaten our survival, which makes us have to doubt whether our world has been carefully designed?

There are water, atmosphere and all kinds of organic matter, which can produce life; the distance from the sun is just right, so that the creatures on the earth can continue to reproduce and evolve; after the big bang, a large number of objects are splashing like flowers in the sky, and the objects of different sizes are constantly rotating due to their own gravity, so all kinds of objects will inevitably collide, not only our own It’s the earth, or even the entire solar coefficient, that hasn’t happened in a billion years. These are too perfect.

If we are really designing, what is the truth? At present, scientists have two main conjectures. The first is that our world, including human beings, is virtual. We are just a series of self-conscious programs, just like artificial intelligence, running in the designed virtual world, and the physical laws in our world are also designed. Some people may ask, since we are all fake, why do we still have self-consciousness?

Maybe creators think this is interesting, but while creators give us self-awareness, they also leave us hidden dangers, because once we find the truth and the creator’s world, we will enter their world and fight for control of our own destiny.

Another conjecture is that we do exist, but the space environment around us is designed and protected by advanced civilizations, our genes may also be designed by them, and the earth may be our cage. Because this is a cage, before that, there may be other intelligent life bodies, which may be destroyed and erased by the creator for some reason. What is the meaning of our existence for creators? Do you think this is the ornamental fish in the aquarium, the protected animals in the wildlife park, or the mice in the laboratory? We don’t know yet.

In fact, whether it’s a miracle in a miracle or a well-designed miracle, we are all lucky in the universe. Will we feel happy when we think about it?

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