Is the world of human existence real or virtual? A simple physics experiment predicts the answer

Millions of years ago, human beings were born. From the day of human birth, we have seen the world of the earth. In ancient times, human beings did not realize that there was a more vast universe beyond the earth. It was not until hundreds of years ago when we entered the era of science and technology that we saw the world beyond the sky through astronomical telescopes.

With the help of science and technology, we walked out of the earth and really saw the vast universe. From the earth world to the universe world, our cognition is constantly improving. Is it true that human beings see all this? Some people may say that we have lived on the earth for millions of years, everything is real, there will be no virtual, is that really the case?

For the ancients, there is no doubt about the authenticity of the world. But for us entering the era of science and technology, the voice of doubt is growing, especially with the continuous development of virtual reality technology, people realize that as long as human science and technology continue to develop, it will not be long before we can create a very real virtual world in the computer.

This virtual world comes from computer program editing. We can add a lot of things to the virtual world through program code, including virtual characters like human beings. We know that science and technology can create a virtual world. On the contrary, our world may also be virtual, a world, a universe created by advanced civilization in supercomputers.

Since ancient times, many people believe that seeing is believing. We believe that everything we see in our eyes should be true. When we open our eyes, we can see the world, touch everything around us, and feel the feelings and love of relatives and friends. How can it be a virtual world created?

In fact, seeing is not necessarily believing. I believe many friends have had the experience of dreaming. I believe that before we wake up, you will have all the feelings in the real world. What you see, feel and feel is so real that you don’t think it’s a dream at all. Only after you wake up can you really understand that it’s a dream.

After human beings enter the era of science and technology, the more we understand that seeing is not necessarily true. As we all know, human vision and hearing are very limited. The world that human eyes see is different from the world that many animals see. The sky is blue and the clouds are white, but some animals see a black world.

The reason for this deviation is that the human eye can only feel visible, and as for infrared light, ultraviolet light is invisible. Some animals can see infrared and ultraviolet light. In addition to vision, the same is true of human hearing. We can’t hear a lot of sounds, but some animals can. So we sometimes find that animals often respond in advance when danger comes.

Another example is that human senses are three-dimensional, and we can see a three-dimensional world of length, width and height. But the universe is multidimensional, we can not perceive the two-dimensional world and the world above three dimensions. When we look at anything, there will be three dimensions of length, width and height. In the world of ants, they can’t perceive the height. The world they see is reflected in two dimensions.

Scientists have done an experiment to take food from ants and put it on top of their heads. At this time, ants will panic, do not know what happened? Where’s the food? Ants look around for food, but they don’t think it’s on top of them. This kind of thing may be very funny to humans, thinking that ants are so stupid.

In fact, we humans are not so? If someone suddenly disappears from you, you will also panic and look around. But you also don’t think that the friends who disappear from you may be around you, just entering the four-dimensional space, which we can’t feel.

Through the above examples, we understand that the world that human beings see may not be the real world, perhaps it is a virtual world existing in the computer. Even the vast space beyond the earth may be an infinite universe created by advanced civilization.

So how to prove that the world can be virtual? The scientist thought of a simple physical experiment. The wave particle duality experiment of light is known by many friends. We did the double slit interference experiment when we were in high school. It proved that light has wave particle duality.

The double slit interference experiment we did in high school was naturally very simple. Later, scientists upgraded this experiment and installed observation equipment for the experimental channel, trying to record the reaction process of photons. However, the results surprised the scientists. It turned out that when we installed the observation equipment for the experimental channel, the wave property of light disappeared, leaving only the characteristics of particles.

When we withdraw the observation equipment, the original properties of light come out again, showing the dual state of wave and particle. What’s going on? Don’t photons want humans to observe their mysteries? Naturally, there is no thinking consciousness of electron and photon particles. In the real world, nothing can actively escape from the records of the observed devices.

However, the situation that can not be recorded by the observation equipment can only be achieved in the virtual world. Perhaps the advanced civilization set up some programs when it created this virtual world. The purpose is not to let us find out the truth.

In addition to the double slit interference experiment, the speed limit theory of light also puzzles scientists. We know that Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the limit speed of an object is the speed of light, and the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. This theory has been confirmed by a large number of particle experiments. No matter how we accelerate the particle, its speed can only be infinite 99.999%, never reach 100% of the speed of light.

And relativity also tells us that the faster the object is, the slower the time will be. This conclusion is very similar to that the faster a computer program runs, the slower the system is. No matter how powerful a computer is, its data operation has a limit, which is also similar to the speed of light limit theory.

Of course, all of the above is just a conjecture at present. Whether the world of human existence is virtual or real still needs our continuous exploration and research. No matter what the truth is, if human beings want to solve the mystery behind it, they can only rely on advanced technology. As long as our technology is powerful enough, then all the mysteries will be solved one day.

If human beings discover the world through a lot of scientific exploration in the future, and the universe is really virtual, what should human beings do? What do you think of this? Welcome to comment below.

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