Is the world of human life real? It’s probably less than one in a billion

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In the real world, we often come into contact with the truth and falsehood, whether it is the truth and falsehood of things or the truth and falsehood between people. True and false exist in our world at the same time, so some people doubt whether the world we live in is real.

If we do a survey: does the world that human beings live in really exist? I believe more than 90% of my friends will answer: of course, it’s true. If you tell your friends that the world we live in is virtual, and the real probability is less than one in a billion, it is estimated that your friends will regard you as a psycho.

It can be seen that most people in reality will not believe that the world is false, because everything is so real that there is no element that can prove false. But in fact, the discussion about whether the world is real or not has existed among some wise people in ancient times. I believe many people have heard the story of Zhuang Zhou’s dream of butterfly.

It’s said that Duke Zhou dreamed of a butterfly in his sleep. It’s so real. If other people dream of such a real butterfly, they will only think it’s a dream when they wake up. But Duke Zhou was different. He began to think: did the butterfly dream become Duke Zhou, or did Duke Zhou dream into a butterfly? Which is the real Duke of Zhou and which is the real world?

Dreams are what we all do. Some of them are so real that we can’t feel that it’s a dream at all. Only when you wake up, you will find that it is a dream. But let’s think about it carefully. Is the world we wake up to see real? Will the dream world be the real world?

Whether it is the allusions left by the ancients or the dreams we often enter, we have to think about whether the reality really exists. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, more and more people think about whether the real world really exists, especially many scientists think that the world may not exist.

“Mars maniac” musk is known by many friends that he is a full-fledged pioneer of extraterrestrial exploration. In order to explore Mars, musk has conducted at least two major launch experiments this year. Musk can be said to be a great entrepreneur in the scientific community, and musk once answered the question about whether reality really exists in an interview. He thought: “the probability of human living in the real world is only one in a billion.”.

In addition to musk, other scientists have published some scientific papers, stating that the probability of real world existence is not high. Moreover, these scientists also confirmed that the real world may be virtual through some scientific methods and experiments.

And the real world may be virtual. With the continuous progress of VR and other virtual technologies, more and more people will doubt it in the future. I believe friends have heard of virtual reality technology. When we are placed in VR environment, we will really feel how high the authenticity of the virtual world is.

Although the current VR technology can not reach the real virtual environment, we can create a virtual world that is almost the same as the real world after the virtual reality technology matures in the future. In this virtual world, everything is so real, whether it’s life, work or other aspects, you seem to be in a real world.

Of course, we know in advance that it is a virtual world, so in the VR environment, you can understand that it is a fake world created by human beings. But if a person enters the VR world from his birth and never comes out, will he know that the world of life is virtual when he grows up in the virtual world? The answer is No.

Xiaobian once read a science fiction. In science fiction, there is a civilization. After the virtual reality technology is fully mature, almost all intelligent life has entered the virtual world and never comes out again. Why would they rather stay in the virtual world than in the real world? The reason is that in the real world, life, work and health are not satisfactory.

In the virtual world, you are God and can change whatever you want. There is no need to worry about work, life and other issues, and living in the virtual world, you can feel all the reality in the real world, so the intelligent life of that civilization is lost in the virtual world.

Although this is just a plot in a science fiction, once the virtual reality technology is fully mature in the future, human beings have created the third virtual world. I believe that many human beings may also be lost in the virtual world. Without knowing it, you can’t tell it’s a false world in VR environment.

Therefore, if the real world is not a real world, it is possible. If the advanced civilization creates a virtual universe, and everything in this universe is a digital program, then the earth, solar system and Galaxy we see may be digital programs. The intelligent life of human beings, in our view, is real, but in the super computer of advanced civilization, it is just a digital program.

When technology develops to a certain extent, it is possible to create such a real virtual universe and virtual world. The science and technology of human beings are constantly advancing in this direction, so some scientists speculate that the world in which human beings live may be virtual, and there is a certain scientific truth.

Of course, with the current technology of human beings, we still can’t really understand whether the world is real or virtual. Only when our science and technology develop to a certain extent, through the power of science, can we break through the fog and see the real world. If at that time, we find that the world is really a virtual world, we don’t have to worry. Because the power of science is great, virtual and real can be transformed through science.

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