Is the world virtual, with a higher dimension of civilization controlling mankind? I’m scared after reading it

Although human beings have been exploring extraterrestrial civilization, at present, there is still no breakthrough. In addition to the dark forest rule proposed by Liu Cixin, which indicates that once a civilization is discovered, it will inevitably be hit by other civilizations, there is another rule that human beings should not explore extraterrestrial civilization, that is, the famous British liberal Stephen ba The law of virtual world proposed by Kester.

1969 is a dividing line. Before that, maybe the requirements for virtual world were very low, as long as the things in the virtual world could move in parallel, but after that, human beings had realized the exploration of landing on the moon, so they had to simulate it accurately, even a grain of dust on the ground.

Just as the computer we use will crash when encountering too many program operations, the system simulating our world will approach the critical value of crash more and more with our outward exploration. Until a moment, our machine set foot on a new planet for the nth time, and the world collapsed instantly.

That’s why Stephen Baxter thinks that if the world is virtual, we humans should not explore outside. The idea of virtual world may sound too wild, but if you bring it into our reality, it seems that everything makes sense again.

Someone once guessed that all of us are just a string of code. The time we are now at is just the time when the code runs. I’ll type these words for you. They are just things that have been programmed for a long time.

But Stephen Baxter has given us a new virtual world, that is, all the people in the world are artificial intelligence. It’s not a designed program.

Hearing this, Xiao Bian immediately thought that if we are all artificial intelligence, then if we throw artificial intelligence into a virtual world, their situation should be exactly the same as ours. As like as two peas in the mind, I would have thrown the artificial intelligence into a game called “my world”, and found that their situation is exactly the same as human being’s situation.

The speed of systems limits the size of the whole world they can observe, while the speed of light in our world limits the size of the universe we can observe.

AI didn’t know anything at first. If they were hungry, they could eat the food they had hunted, or they could collect the fruit to satisfy their hunger. Until once, they fell the wheat seed into the soil and found that the seed could be planted, so they knew how to cultivate it.

Later, they found that for these animals, they could not only hunt them, such as cows, but also squeeze milk from them, so they had animal husbandry.

Slowly, as they learned more and more, they invented a lot of automatic harvesting machines, or machines to brush strange towers or build houses automatically. Later, they even discovered the method of explosive with great power, and then they became the masters of the world.

One day, one AI will say to the other, “do you think it’s possible that we’re made, or that we’re just a program?” Another AI replied, “maybe, how could someone design such a huge world?” And then it’s over.

Xiaobian thinks that since we can create a two-dimensional world, it is very likely that there will be higher dimensional creatures, and our three-dimensional world may be created by them, which is really frightening! What do you think of this? Welcome to comment area.

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