Is the Y chromosome, which determines the male sex, degenerating and shrinking, and may disappear in the future?

As the old saying goes, “there are three ways to be unfilial, and it’s better to have no offspring. “Having a baby is the number one thing in many places. Among them, giving birth to boys and girls is the most important thing. Countless people believe that folk doctors have some special prescriptions. If they take this medicine, they will give birth to boys and girls. But in fact, what really determines gender is the protagonist Y chromosome that we are going to talk about today. This chromosome has no function, and its only function is to determine male gender. However, now the man’s friend is in a very bad condition. With the scientific research in recent years, it has been found that the chromosome has become smaller.

The reason of Y chromosome diminution is closely related to its particularity. The origin of other chromosomes is basically from parents, and the inheritance of Y chromosome does not depend on parents. The inheritance of Y chromosome completely depends on the intergenerational inheritance between men. So, in a family, you and your grandfather, your father’s chromosomes are highly similar. This is very strange. The chromosome inherited by this way of transmission should be extremely stable. After all, even the Y chromosome separated several times is highly similar. It should be very stable. So what’s wrong with this chromosome?

Today, the size of X chromosome and Y chromosome is very different. Now, one X chromosome can be equal to three Y chromosomes, which makes scientists very curious and start the in-depth study of Y chromosome. Finally, the scientists discovered the reason why the Y chromosome became smaller, because the function of the Y chromosome has been in decline, which goes back to the difference between the Y chromosome and the ordinary chromosome. Because Y chromosome is inherited by male generations, it will not recombine with other female chromosomes, which means that Y chromosome can not be recombined and supplemented in the process of inheritance.

The lack of Y chromosome recombined with female chromosome leads to the gradual disappearance of many functions of Y chromosome. The original Y chromosome has more than 1400 functional genes, but now there are only dozens of functional genes. It only retains the main function of sex determination, which is the secret of Y chromosome shrinking. Speaking of this, some people may worry about whether there will be no Y chromosome in the future?

It’s clear that you won’t. Because the functions of X chromosome and Y chromosome are corresponding and very stable, the gene function retained by X chromosome needs to be matched with the gene of Y chromosome, and the function will not take place until the matching is successful. Therefore, as long as the basic ability of Y chromosome to determine male gender is still in existence, it will not disappear.

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