Is the Yingkou dragon fall true? Does the legendary dragon really exist?

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I believe everyone is very familiar with the zodiac. It is also called the zodiac. It is a Chinese zodiac that matches the twelve Earthly Branches with the year of human birth, including rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig.

The origin of the zodiac can be traced back to the pre Qin period. In the mid-1970s, thousands of bamboo slips were found in the unearthed cultural relics of Qin tomb No. 11 in Shuihudi, Yunmeng, Hubei Province. This miracle proves that the zodiac was used in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. According to research, the 11th Tomb of the Qin Dynasty was buried in 217 BC, the 30th year of the first emperor.

The zodiac represents 12 kinds of animals, 11 of which are very familiar to us and can be found in the real world. However, we can’t find any creature that can match this animal, and the Chinese are also known as the descendants of the dragon. Dragon has an unusual position in China.

Since there is a dragon in the zodiac, the dragon may have existed. Many people also speculate that the dragon is real, but in the real world, no one has really seen the dragon, it is just a legend.

Although no one has really seen the dragon, the hot discussion about it has never stopped. When it comes to the hot discussion about dragons, we have to mention the Yingkou dragon falling incident in the last century. At that time, it was a big event that caused a sensation all over the country. What’s the matter with this Yingkou dragon falling incident? Let’s start with a brief introduction.

It happened in the summer of 1934, Yingkou ushered in a rare rainfall of more than 40 days. Such a long rainfall caused the water level of the whole Liaohe River to soar. A large area became a vast ocean, and a large number of fish and shrimp were floating on the water. After the heavy rain, someone accidentally picked up the reed and found the remains of a huge monster.

The body is about 10 meters long, with a horn on each side of the head and 29 spines. This image looks very much like the legendary dragon. According to reports at that time, this creature once appeared in Yingkou twice, the first time about 20 kilometers away from the estuary.

At that time, many people saw this creature. Because its image is very similar to the legendary dragon, people are very curious and afraid. At that time, the creature’s body was gray white, curled up on the ground, tail rolled up, and two claws stretched out on its abdomen, which made it weak.

Later, the creature disappeared. After a period of time, it was discovered that it had become a pile of bones. At that time, this event was a great sensation, and it also shocked the famous Shengjing Times at that time, and made a big report on it. So is this Yingkou dragon falling thing true? Does the legendary dragon really exist?

After the spread of the Yingkou dragon falling incident, it shocked the whole country. Many people from far away came to Yingkou to see the so-called dragon bone. At that time, because of this incident, the train tickets to and from Yingkou were extremely tight, which can be said to be difficult to obtain. It can be seen how big the sensation caused by the Dragon falling incident was at that time.

With the passage of time, the heat of Yingkou dragon incident also dissipated, but there are still many people often mention it, and to investigate the authenticity of the incident. In 2004, CCTV’s “into science” column also made a special visit to the Dragon falling incident. Those witnesses who visited Yingkou at that time were recorded.

Most of those witnesses in those years are not in the world. You know, 70 years have passed since 1934 to 2004, and the adults in those years are basically gone. Even if there are still living people, they are all over 90 years old. It is these long-lived old people that the reporter visited. They were children 70 years ago and saw this creature with their own eyes.

According to the recollection of the three old people, at that time, the adults were the first to discover the “dragon bones”. They were children at that time. Naturally, they were very lively and would not be afraid of this kind of creature. They also actively approached and observed and saw the “dragon” bones. The three old people believed that the legendary dragon had fallen in Yingkou, and the column “into science” explained that it was a whale creature in the ocean.

Through the above analysis, especially CCTV’s “into science” column in 2004 also conducted a special report. It shows that in 1934, there was a creature very similar to the legendary dragon in Yingkou, and the skeleton was left behind. This matter should be true, otherwise “into science” will not make a special visit and report it.

But is this huge creature really a dragon? I’m afraid it’s hard to be sure that there was a real existence of a creature at that time from all aspects of understanding and records, but there is no practical evidence to say that it is a dragon. At that time, most people in Yingkou did not see a living creature, but only a skeleton.

As for some people who said that they had seen this living creature, but because there was no evidence left, it could not be proved to be true. The three old people visited by the reporter of “into science” only saw a skeleton 70 years ago. Although the skeleton looks similar to the legendary dragon, it can’t really prove that it is a dragon.

As for the Yingkou dragon falling incident, there are many hot discussions among online friends. I have read some of your opinions. Some friends think that the Yingkou dragon incident is true, while others think it is false. It’s just a story made up by Shengjing Times. In fact, I don’t agree with some friends who think this is a story made up by Shengjing Times.

Some friends think that Shengjing Times was a Japanese newspaper at that time. In order to discredit China and achieve the purpose of invading China, it deliberately fabricated the event of Zixu’s unique dragon attachment. So is that really the case? Maybe not completely. First of all, through the previous introduction, we need to understand that there is no doubt that there is a living creature in Yinglong, leaving bones. At that time, there were many people who had seen this living creature’s bones. It is very difficult to make a fake.

As for Shengjing Times, it may be true that it has ulterior motives to know that it has made a lot of publicity afterwards and become a sensational event. Shengjing Times, in its reports at that time, was 100% sure that this was the Chinese dragon. For an authoritative newspaper, it often did not use a positive tone for such things.

But why does Shengjing Times say in a positive tone that this is the skeleton of the Chinese dragon? In fact, the reason is not complicated, that is to invade our country. You know, the position of the dragon in the hearts of the Chinese people is extraordinary. We call it the descendant of the dragon, but now there is a dragon falling and dying in Yingkou. “Falling dragon” means that China, a country with 5000 years of ancient civilization, has “fallen”. No, it just creates momentum for Japan’s invasion of China and fills the hearts of the Chinese people.

Through this understanding, we understand that the Yingkou dragon incident is true, but it is not a dragon that fell, but an unknown large creature in the ocean. We need to know that the ocean is very mysterious. Even in modern times with advanced science and technology, our exploration of the ocean is only about 10%, and 90% of the unknown areas have not been explored. Most of these unknown areas are in the deep sea.

How many creatures we don’t know in the ocean is still an unknown number, especially in the deep sea, there may be many large creatures that we don’t know. It’s not unusual that there are marine creatures similar to the legendary dragon. Through this event, we can also think that the dragon can appear in the zodiac, and it is also a large creature that once existed on the earth.

It’s just that the dragon may have lived in the ocean. Ancient human beings inadvertently saw this kind of powerful and domineering creature in the ocean, recorded its appearance and passed it down from generation to generation. But in the process of passing on from generation to generation, it has been constantly beautified and deified by people, and now it has become a beautiful and domineering Chinese dragon. Perhaps in the depths of the ocean, there are still such dragon creatures, but even if we really see them, there may be a big gap between them and the image of the dragon in our imagination.

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