Is the Yingkou dragon falling event true? Many people witnessed it and published it in the newspaper! Experts gave the answer

In 1934, there was a dragon falling event in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. According to the records, at about 17 o’clock in early July, the weather was gloomy, and everyone was busy inside and outside. Suddenly, I didn’t know who was shouting: look, there are dragons here.

At this time, people put down their work and quickly gathered around. A creature with two horns, beard, four claws and a snake like body is about ten meters long. It is very similar to the dragon in legend. Its overall color is gray and it lies quietly on the ground.

It seems that they are powerless. Because of the hot weather at that time, people were afraid that the dragon would be too hot, so they quickly built a shed for it, watered it and helped it relieve the high temperature. Local temples also arranged monks to do things for it and pray for its safety.

This kind of operation continued day after day until a rainstorm lasted for several days. However, after the rainstorm, the Dragon disappeared strangely. Where did it go?

On July 28, 1934, many people in Yingkou saw a dragon hovering in the sky. Although it had no wings, it was carefree in the air, rising and falling as if it had divine power. All of a sudden, I don’t know why, the Dragon fell from the sky and fell heavily. It not only damaged the factory on the ground, but also overturned the boats in the water, and even the trains.

It even led to the death of nine people on the spot. The Dragon kept struggling in the water and gave out a whine. Maybe it was hurt too much, or maybe it knew that it was going to die soon, so it gave out a cry of grief.

On August 8, someone found the skeleton of the dragon in the reeds. Because of its strong smell of dragon, many people gathered around. The local police moved it to a nearby port and spent many days on the ground. When the newspaper learned about it, it arranged for reporters to report it.

As soon as this article was published, it attracted the attention of many places. Many people came here alone just to see the true face of the dragon. Because there were too many people, even the tickets went up again and again. Because of the particularity of the keel, it was taken away by Yingkou fan school and properly placed.

But later, the war continued, and the precious keel disappeared. In our understanding, the dragon is a fictional creature, only in the myth. According to the photos, some experts speculated that the keel is not a real dragon, but a kind of minke whale remains.

Why do you say that?

Because the place where the keel was found was very close to the sea, coupled with the rainstorm for several days a few days ago, the water level rose, causing the baleen whale to swim ashore and die. Later, people found these bones, and they were taken away by the police station and put them in the harbor. Because people didn’t know about baleen whales at that time, when they put the bones again, they put the bones in the head by mistake, so they looked like dragons.

The two horns on the dragon’s head are long on the skull, not inserted. The dragon’s horn and the dragon’s skull should be connected together. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but after careful consideration, there are many flaws in it.

First of all, when moving the keel at that time, there were two large frames of scales, but baleen whales had no scales. Moreover, before moving the keel, many people had seen a dragon that was not completely rotten. If it was a baleen whale, you can still see it. So the question is, is this keel really a keel?

Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, experts are at a loss. In theory, dragons are just legendary creatures. But many people have seen dragons in the sky and the remains of dragons. Are they illusions? What are the facts? We don’t know. But so far, the truth of Yingkou’s fall remains a mystery.

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