Is there a boundary in the universe? What does the most distant galaxy photograph convey to mankind?

Is there a boundary in the universe? What does the most distant galaxy photograph convey to mankind?

From a macro point of view, the universe is almost endless. Human beings can only see the observable range, and those areas that cannot be observed become the direction of scientists’ efforts to explore. The universe is so vast that it’s incredible for human beings. In ancient times, human beings could only look up at the sky, which was an unreachable dream. Until now, human beings finally had the opportunity to contact the universe at a close distance. When human beings really go out of the earth and see the universe, they will know their own insignificance.

The universe has a range of 93 billion light-years. Although it’s just a simple number, it’s too big to imagine. As for the formation of the universe, the generally accepted view is that the universe was born in a singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago, and then the infinite expansion resulted in the emergence of so many stars, forming a unique universe. Is there a boundary in the universe? What does the most distant galaxy photograph convey to mankind?

Scientists have photographed the most distant galaxy in the universe for the first time

Within these 93 billion light-years, there are areas that have not been observed by humans. Among the numerous galaxies, the most distant galaxy, gsz11, can be observed by humans. In 2016, scientists took a picture of this galaxy for the first time, which attracted the attention of the whole world. So what does this picture convey to human beings? The reason why so many people pay attention to it is that it is the farthest galaxy from the earth, and many people naively think that it may be the end of the universe. When we can reach this star, we may be able to reach the edge of the universe.

In fact, the galaxy we observed is not the boundary of the universe. Its boundary has long been beyond the scope of human cognition. After a thorough study of the galaxy, scientists found that it has a history of 134 years, almost the same as the birth of the universe. It is about 32 billion light-years away from the earth. Judging from its age and distance, there seems to be some deviation, about three times. What is the reason for this? At first, scientists thought that there was something wrong with the calculation and it was difficult to see the whole picture of the universe. Is that really the case?

What are the characteristics of the universe?

In the final analysis, all this has a great connection with the characteristics of the universe. The universe is expanding, and the speed of expansion can’t even catch up with the speed of light. At the same time of expansion, the distance between the stars will also increase. Unless human beings can find a speed that can break through the speed of light in the future, they will be able to catch up with the expansion speed of the universe. So where is the end of the universe? Scientists are still puzzled.

Human understanding of the earth is only 1 / 10, not to mention the vastness of the universe. It is estimated that one in ten thousand of the universe can not be detected in a lifetime. Because science pays attention to the basis. Although scientists make bold guesses, it is difficult to make a conclusion easily until they find the evidence of the real hammer. It is possible that the universe has an end, but human beings can never find where the end is. Do you think this remote Galaxy photographed by scientists has something to do with the end of the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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