Is there a ghost in the world? The English version of “approaching science” gives the final conclusion that there is no need to be afraid any more

In the western world, ghost refers to the soul after death. From a scientific point of view, there is no theory of ghost in the world. In ancient times, people wantonly held sacrificial activities to protect peace.

Ghost is an absurd statement created by the ancient emperors in order to consolidate the rule of the country. In order to prevent people from committing crimes, a series of threatening stories such as asking for lives by ghosts and gods were used to make the people obey the management.

With the development of society, people are more willing to believe in science and prove that ghosts and gods do not exist through scientific methods. The British version of “approaching science” uses experiments to prove people’s doubts.

According to the law of conservation of energy, any object in the world has to produce energy. As long as there is energy, it can be detected. If it can survive without energy, it is basically certain. It is pure speculation.

Scientists use the world’s largest particle accelerator and Large Hadron Collider, in the detection process, did not find any information particles exist, or even a wave. So we come to the conclusion that there is no ghost in the world.

The appearance of ghosts is believed to be more due to physical fatigue. Too much pressure leads to brain imbalance, which is affected by psychological, neuropathological and environmental changes.

Since ancient times, many people have been sacrificed by ghosts and gods, which was originally a puppet under feudal ideology, controlling others in this way. People with ulterior motives use it to do bad things in order to achieve some dirty purpose.

In addition, the rendering of some film and television works makes people more believe in the existence of ghosts and gods. Believe that the power of science has proved that there are no ghosts. Of course, there are some phenomena in the world that cannot be explained by science.

Perhaps the development of human civilization has not yet reached that dimension, using the existing scientific instruments and knowledge to prove that ghosts and gods are absurd.

With justice in mind, we are not afraid of the coming of any ghosts and ghosts. Don’t let your thoughts be biased by feudal superstition. Maybe one day, science will be broken, but at least today, the power of science is right.

There are no ghosts in the world. If there are, there are only cowards. Friends, what do you think? Welcome to discuss in the comments section

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