Is there a limit to human life? Is the data calculated by scientists reliable?

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. From the day of the birth of human civilization, everyone has a beautiful dream in their heart, that is to hope that they can live forever. Some people may say that I don’t want to live forever. In fact, when you say that, you are more realistic and know that it is just a dream that can’t be realized.

If there is an elixir tomorrow, will you still say you don’t want to live forever? Immortality is the dream of human beings. Although this dream may never come true, there are still a steady stream of people with lofty ideals to explore the mystery of immortality. In ancient times, in order to live forever, Qin Shihuang sent his ministers overseas to look for the elixir of immortality. Although his dream of immortality did not come true, it tells us that the ancients also began to explore the mystery of immortality and the mystery of life.

In the Tang Dynasty, when Emperor Li Shimin was in his later years, he also asked Taoists to alchemy for him. In fact, alchemy by Taoists is also a way to explore life and the mystery of immortality. So when human beings enter the era of science and technology, do we give up exploring the mystery of longevity? In fact, it is not. On the contrary, with the help of scientific forces, human beings have enough confidence to explore the mysteries of life. After exploring and understanding the mysteries of life, it may be possible to uncover the mystery of immortality.

Of course, from a scientific point of view, we also understand that immortality may be a dream that can never be realized. When modern people have a scientific knowledge system, basically not many people want to live a long life, and more people still expect to live a long life. When it comes to human life expectancy, it has been greatly improved over thousands of years.

In the Song Dynasty, the average life span of the ancients was about 30 years old, while the average life span of the modern people is close to 80 years old, more than doubled. So is there a limit to human life? For this question, scientists can not give a definite answer. Although there is no definite answer, there are still scientists who have calculated the ultimate life span of human beings in different ways.

For example, some biologists have put forward the theory of life cycle, which proposes that the life span of mammals is about 5-7 times of the growth period, and the growth cycle of different mammals is very different. The life cycle of human is about 20-25 years. Through calculation, we get a life limit of about 100-175 years.

The span of this region is relatively large. Some biologists have put forward the cell theory. Through research, we found that the number of cell division of human is limited, and it can only divide about 50 times in a lifetime. According to the splitting cycle of about 2.4 years on average, we can calculate that the ultimate life span of human beings is about 120 years.

According to scientists’ statistics on the longevity of people around the world, it is currently in the Guinness world record. The longest lived woman was a French woman who lived 122 years and 164 days. According to the current statistical data, the ultimate life span of human beings has not exceeded the life span limit range calculated by scientists through various methods.

So is the calculated data reliable? If it is other mammals in nature, because their gene changes, gene mutations and other information can only be determined by the natural environment, so the life limit data obtained by scientists are basically reliable. But human beings are not ordinary mammals, but advanced intelligent life.

From the day of the birth of human wisdom, it means that the future fate of human beings will not be completely determined by nature, especially when human beings enter the road of scientific and Technological Development and become a scientific and technological civilization. The fate of the future is destined to have little to do with nature. Let’s take the evolutionary path of life as an example. For life without wisdom, their evolutionary path can only be determined by nature.

Human beings are different. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, the road of evolution was determined by nature. However, since the day when science and technology appeared, the fate of mankind has been changing, and the road of evolution is constantly getting rid of the shackles of nature. The reason is very simple: the mysteries of all things in the world, the mysteries of life and even the mysteries of the universe can not escape the scope of science.

The operation law of all things in this world and the essence behind things are in line with science. In fact, all the mysteries of life are contained in genes. As long as we break the code of all genes, there will be no secret of life in front of us. At that time, we could change the direction of human evolution through genetic technology.

In fact, the mystery of human longevity is also contained in the gene information. Although we may not be able to make human longevity by changing the gene, we can make the upper limit of human life increase continuously by changing the gene. For example, biologists have found that the limit of human life is about 120 years old according to the number of cell divisions.

If we can increase the number of cell divisions from about 50 to about 100 in the future through genetic technology, does that mean that the extreme life span of human beings will also increase from 120 to 240? The answer is obvious. What if we increase the number of cell divisions to 1000? Then the limit of human life will also be 20 times higher than now, so that the average life span of human will reach several thousand years.

It can be seen that when human beings enter the era of science and technology, it means that there is no fixed limit value for human life, and it will continue to improve with the continuous progress of human science and technology. Even in the distant future, it is not impossible for human beings to live to tens of thousands of years. As long as technology is powerful enough, nothing is impossible.

Even when the development of human science reaches the end, it may eventually reveal the mystery of immortality. At that time, it is not impossible for human beings to realize immortality. Of course, it is still unknown whether there is an end to the development of science. It is possible that science has no end at all, and our science and technology can only reach the end infinitely. Then human life expectancy may not be able to achieve immortality, and it can only be infinitely close to this goal.

Many things in this world have fixed laws, which are formed after the birth of the universe. There are also many fixed laws in science, which we can’t change. However, there are no fixed rules to restrict the limit of human life. It can change with the change of gene, but the power of science and technology can change gene, so we can also change the limit of human life.

This is perhaps the greatness of life. As the most mysterious thing since the birth of the universe, life is far more complex than we think. The wisdom of human life is standing at the end of the pyramid of life, is a high-level life, the mystery behind it is more mysterious and complex. Only by using the power of science and technology can we constantly solve the mystery of life. When we solve the mystery of life, we may solve the ultimate mystery of the universe.

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