Is there a loophole in Newton’s classical mechanics? Is it wrong? Modern physics questions

In people’s daily life, physics is everywhere. I think we all know Newton. He is a famous British physicist, known as an encyclopedic all rounder.

With the continuous progress of science, Newton’s classical mechanics has also been questioned by modern physics: there are loopholes in classical mechanics.

Newton’s first law (i.e. law of inertia): when any object is not subject to any external force or force balance (Fnet = 0), it always maintains a uniform linear motion or static state until the external force acting on it forces it to change this state.

There is a problem in the literal description of “not subject to any external force” and “maintain a uniform linear motion or static state”. Just imagine, can the existence of such objects in the universe meet these conditions?

There must be gravitation between objects, so the condition of “not subject to any external force” is not in line with the reality.

If there is only one single object, how can we know whether the object is still or moving in a straight line at a constant speed!

Newton’s first law is an isolated body or so-called inertial reference frame that does not interact with the outside world. And in the universe, from the total galaxies to the particles and photons, none of them are not interacting.

But nothing in the universe can stay completely still, so it’s a big hole.

Without doubt, it is difficult for society to make progress. In the past 100 years, physics has been driven entirely by the development of relativity and quantum mechanics.

If Newton’s classical mechanics were completely correct, there would be no computers, no gravitational waves, no modern civilization, and the world would be in a very backward state.

Fortunately, there are loopholes in Newtonian mechanics! Because of this, mankind can find new energy sources, such as nuclear energy. The theoretical basis of nuclear weapons is quantum theory.

Without quantum theory, people will not know how the huge energy is released, how to control it, and how to turn nuclear weapons into today’s nuclear power plants.

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