Is there a master behind the universe? Scientists say the manipulators behind it have emerged

With the help of science and technology, human beings have successfully realized their dream of flying to the sky, finally walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. When human beings stand in space for the first time, we really understand the meaning of the word vastness. The universe is such a vast space that we can’t imagine. And there must be countless mysteries in such a vast universe.

Among so many mysteries of the universe, there is a problem that has been puzzling scientists, that is, is there a manipulator behind the universe? If not, the mysteries of the universe are incredible. We should know that in the process of exploring the universe, human beings find that there are various rules in the universe. It is the existence of these rules that makes the universe stable.

In addition, the birth process of various elements in the universe is also very mysterious. We all know that there are 118 known elements. How do so many elements come from? Scientists found that in the early days of the birth of the universe, there were only hydrogen and helium, which accounted for more than 99% of the universe. The later elements are all transformed from these two basic elements, and the main body of transformation is the star.

Stars are basically made up of hydrogen, and its interior is nuclear fusion reaction. A large number of hydrogen elements are converted into helium by nuclear fusion, and then helium elements are converted into oxygen. Supernova explosion will occur at the end of massive stellar life. In the process of explosion, a large number of elements will be produced, including gold, silver and other heavy elements.

So, in a sense, stars are the smelters of the universe. What an incredible phenomenon. Is this phenomenon natural or dominated by the loss controller? It may be said that there is no master in the universe, everything is in the natural operation. However, through a large number of observations and studies, scientists say that the manipulators behind the universe have become reality, and they are more than one.

In fact, there are two key roles in controlling the future of the universe, one is gravity, the other is repulsion. These two forces are completely opposite. The former can make matter attract and gather together, while the latter can make matter fall apart! So what is the status of these two forces in the universe? How will they control the universe?

After Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he thought that the universe was unstable, and there was also the distortion of space-time. For the universe, the scientific community has always had an indeterminate mystery, that is, the shape of the universe and whether it has boundaries. For the shape of the universe, scientists once thought it was a flat space with infinite outward extension.

Later, through a large amount of data, some scientists speculated that the universe might be a closed sphere space, which is similar to the expansion of a balloon. It has a boundary but no fixed volume. We all know that a balloon has a boundary at the beginning of its expansion, but because we keep blowing in, it is expanding, and the balloon has no fixed volume.

The situation of the universe is similar to that of a balloon. The universe has been expanding since it was born in 13.8 billion years ago through the singularity explosion. It has boundary in the process of expansion, but it has no specific volume. Will the expansion of the universe go on indefinitely?

In fact, not necessarily, the Nobel Prize in physics in 2011 was awarded to three astronomers because they discovered the fact that the universe is expanding in 1998 when they had the redshift value of type Ia supernova! That is to say, the dominator of the early universe was indeed gravity, but with the expansion of the universe, the distance between galaxies became farther and farther, and the gravity weakened; and a kind of dark energy that led to the expansion of space came into being, and gradually became the dominator.

According to modern science’s understanding of the universe, dark energy is the biggest controller behind the universe. Through research, scientists have found that there are very few visible matter and visible energy in the universe. Dark matter and dark energy account for more than 85% of the universe. The reason why the universe keeps expanding is that dark energy is behind it.

Whether the expansion of the universe will continue indefinitely depends on dark matter and dark energy. Unfortunately, although we know that dark matter and dark energy exist in the universe, we still know nothing about their essence. Until now, scientists have not really captured a grain of dark matter in the universe.

Only when we understand the nature of dark matter, we may be able to solve the mystery of the big bang and the expansion of the universe. In fact, we can draw a conclusion from entropy theory that the universe will not expand indefinitely. Entropy theory is to describe the chaos of the system, and this is an irreversible quantity. Since the day of the big bang, entropy has been increasing, and the universe has been changing from stability to chaos.

When the entropy value increases to a certain value, the chaos of the universe will completely collapse the whole universe. At that time, the universe will be destroyed. As for how to destroy it, we don’t know now. Some people think that due to the dominance of gravity, repulsion and dark energy, the universe may have reincarnation, that is, when it expands to a certain extent, under the action of three forces, it will continue to shrink inward, the whole universe will continue to crush, and finally return to the original singularity.

After the singularity passes through some special mysterious power, there will be another big bang and a new universe will be born. Of course, these are just people’s conjectures. At present, human beings have very little knowledge of the universe. What is the controller behind the universe, whether it is a force of nature or other unknown and mysterious forces, is now unknown.

Scientists have put forward the theory of multi cosmology, that there is more space outside the universe, there are countless other universes. If the pluralistic cosmology is correct, we will have to face a terrible fact, that is, the universe may also be man-made. We all know that the end of science is theology, and theology is omnipotent. It seems that it is not impossible to create all things and the universe.

When a cosmic civilization develops to the end, will it have the ability to create the universe? Theoretically, it’s quite possible. So once the pluralism of the universe is confirmed in the future, there may be another explanation for the origin of the universe we live in, that is, man-made. At this time, the controller behind the universe may be the ultimate civilization in other ancient universes.

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