Is there a mirror universe around us? Scientists: will take human beings back to the whole course of life

A similar study shows that British scientists may have created a mirror universe at the moment of the big bang. Everything in it is the same as our universe, but time is going backwards.

According to foreign media reports, scientists at the University of Washington have designed a series of new experiments to study the quantum mechanical properties of particles. It is found that the particle is not in a fixed state before being observed, but the observed behavior will lead to the change of the quantum state of the particle. If we observe the future state of the particle, it is possible to change the past quantum state of the particle.

That is, when we know what will happen in the future, we can change the past. It is generally believed that events experienced in the past have an impact on the present state and change your future, but this is not the case in the quantum world. The future state of particles can affect the past, which foreshadows time travel.

Professor katemoch, the scientist in charge of this research, has designed an ingenious experimental program to study the future state of particles and thus change the quantum state of the past. Professor katmuchi designed a microwave photonic loop device. When a microwave photon enters the device, we can measure its quantum state. At this time, the quantum field of these photons will interact with the loop. When the photon leaves the loop, we can obtain information about the quantum system. In this process, the quantum dots before and after the microwave photons are in two superposition states. Then, the scientists measured the system and evaluated the possible results.

The results show that the clock of the quantum world is completely different from that of the classical world. The clock of the classical world moves backward, while the clock of the classical world moves to the future. Through some improvement of the experiment, the measurement results of quantum state contain the information of the future and the past to a certain extent. It can be seen that the time arrow in the quantum world may have two directions, which can go back to the past or enter the future, but the time arrow in the classical world only points to the future. In the real world, many particles only move in the direction of time, and the entropy has been increasing. Scientists think that this is not clear, and it may be solved in a few years.

People like Dr. Julian barber, a British scientist, are also trying to solve this problem. They think that when the big bang, the universe also produced a mirror universe. Its time direction is reverse, like the inside and outside of a mirror, and the two are opposite. But they may have the same physical laws, so the mirror universe may also have planets, stars and galaxies. The interior of all macro and micro matter is the same as our universe, but the direction of the time arrow is opposite.

Coincidentally, Gao Guoxin, a Chinese scholar who studies physical causality, believes that people will experience a kind of backward life process after death. Life after life is not as good as death, and life after death is not as good as life. This kind of experience is determined by physical causality, because the essential symmetry breaking law is mentioned in the essential cosmology handout.

When time goes back to experience, the sound comes from the ear, so the ear becomes something similar to the throat, and the throat becomes the sound instead. This is a series of peculiar feeling experience of urine flowing back to the body.

It is necessary to point out in particular that postnatal and postmortem are symmetrical. Death is first pain, then similar to the big bang of the singularity of the universe, and then introspection on why we have to be so foolish to survive before life, but eager to be clean after death.

In particular, according to this scientific theory, people who practice lust elimination before death and experience time reversal after death are like entering a paradise similar to the west, constantly meeting the great pain of a better future after death; while people who experience all kinds of extreme pleasure before death will continue to face the great pain they know will come after death, because the memory before death makes them happy Knowing that these extreme pains are inevitable.

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