Is there a passer-by? Are these four ancient photos of “the passer-by” really coincidental?

After seeing this year’s situation, many people feel that this year is a great test for human beings. The endless occurrence of extreme weather and natural disasters are all testing the endurance of human beings. Some people think that human beings have done too much damage to the earth. The earth is retaliating against us. There have even been predictions from many walkers on the Internet that there will be a catastrophe this year. In fact, there has been evidence of the existence of so-called walkers in history. For example, although the next four photos were taken unintentionally by human beings, the coincidence is incredible.

Chaplin films

Picture in


This is a picture from Chaplin’s movie, which was shot in 1928. If we don’t look at this picture carefully, we won’t find any strange things at all, but we carefully observe the lady on the right. She is walking in a black coat on the street, but her left hand makes a phone gesture. In 1928, there was no possibility of the emergence of mobile phones, so some people speculated that this lady was the legendary passer-by? Because the photo is too blurred, some people think it may be a dislocation caused by his stroking his hair.

The passer in the movie.

This picture was also taken in the last century. The picture quality is clearer than that of Chaplin’s film. We can see a group of women walking on the street in high spirits, but there is a woman in the back row holding something similar to a mobile phone. He put it on his ear, as if he was talking on the phone, but people around him did not find this strange phenomenon Elephant, is she really a passer-by, and the people around her don’t see him?

A fashion wearer.

This picture was taken in 1917, on the hillside of a beach. On this hillside, there are many people sitting here to relax and play. This photo was taken when they were relaxing. It is worth noting that in this photo, a man in fashionable clothes not only has a modern hairstyle, but also wears modern clothes. People around him seem to find that he is out of place and cast a surprised look at him. This photo has also been included in the novel. What is the identity of this man?

I see myself in the future.

The above three photos are from the modern to the past, but this photo is to see the future of their own. The man in the photo believes that crossing time and space really exists. He thinks that there is a passer-by on the earth, and he also claims that he has seen the passer-by, and this passer-by is the future of himself. In order to show that he didn’t lie, he recorded a video and took a picture. We can see that the two men in the picture are not only very similar, but also have the same tattoo.

After seeing these four photos, many people are very surprised. Is this a coincidence or is it a real crossing? What do you think?

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