Is there a time gap? Can humans really go back from the future to the past?

There are many novels and movies about time travel. Modern people go back to the past and start a brilliant life. Maybe many people think it’s just a thing in novels, but it’s impossible in reality. Time travel is only a fantasy. If human beings can really go back to the past, then the historical process will be changed? There may be a series of butterfly effects.

Although many people think that it’s just a fantasy to go back to the past through time and space, scientists don’t think so. Among numerous experiments, scientists believe that it is possible to go back to the past through time and space in the future. And crossing time and space is realized by using time loopholes

Time loopholes can make time static and invisible. The research results of gayeta and others were published in the journal Nature. Supported by some arguments, the researchers introduced the experimental process of time stagnation.

The process is that the detector emits a laser beam, which then passes through a device called time lens. Just as the traditional lens can bend the light in space, the time lens can make the light temporarily separated (not in space).

The most well-known time hole phenomenon is the time hole problem in Antarctica – the gate of time, which originates from the swirling gray smoke over Antarctica. At first scientists thought these were just ordinary sandstorms. But the gray smoke did not change shape or move over time. This aroused the interest of the researchers, who decided to study the phenomenon seriously.

Then they launched a weather balloon equipped with instruments to measure wind speed, temperature and atmospheric humidity. As soon as it was launched, the balloon rose rapidly and soon disappeared. After a while, the researchers retrieved the balloon with a rope tied to it. However, what shocked them was that the balloon’s timer showed January 27, 1965, just 30 years ahead of schedule!

Some people think that the phenomenon over Antarctica is just an electromagnetic phenomenon, which changes the time, but it is obvious that this argument is untenable.

The famous Russian scientist nekrey kozlev has carried out an experiment to prove that it is possible to return to the past from the future. He even assumed that “time can complete work and generate energy.”. An American physicist also came to the conclusion that “time existed before the world appeared”.

As we all know, each of us will have different feelings about the course of time under different circumstances.

Once, lightning hit a climber. Later, the climber told others that he saw the lightning enter his arm and move slowly along it. The lightning separated his skin and tissue and carbonized his cells. He felt that stinging feeling, as if there were countless hedgehogs stabbing himself under the skin.

As early as 1987, Russian vatim chenobrov began to use geomagnetic pumps to make time machines. Now, these researchers can slow down or speed up the progress of time by applying special shocks to the magnetic field. Under the action of laboratory equipment, the maximum deceleration time can be as high as 1.5 seconds per hour.

In August 2001, a new time machine was tested in a remote forest in the Volgograd region of Russia.

The machine is powered only by the battery of the car, and the energy is very low, but it still changes the time by 3%. The longest delay lasted half an hour.

On August 30, 1989, a tragedy happened. There was a violent explosion at the branch office of a Research Institute on the Russian island of Anzhou. The explosion not only destroyed the 780 ton test cabin, but also destroyed the island, which covers an area of two square kilometers.

One way of saying about this tragedy is that the cabin with three experimenters collided with a huge object, possibly an asteroid, in another space of the time tunnel or in the process of entering another space. Because of the loss of the power system, the cabin is likely to stay in another space.

The final record of the trial, kept in the file, reads as follows:

We’re going to die, but we’re still experimenting. It’s dark here, everything we see becomes two! Our hands and legs become transparent, we can see blood vessels and bones through the skin. Oxygen supply can still meet 43 hours, but the life support system is seriously damaged. Last wishes to our family and friends

Did the cabin of the three experimenters enter the time and space tunnel?

Then, the signal suddenly stopped

It is certain that time can go backwards. At present, many scientists in the world are studying and experimenting. Maybe in the near future, we can really develop a time machine, so that we can go back to the past and travel in time and space.

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