Is there a UFO crash in Antarctica? Satellite shows: about 11 kilometers long, how did it appear?

It seems that UFO has always been an unsolved mystery in the world. In many people’s minds, UFO seems to only appear in science fiction movies. Aliens will appear in a corner anytime and anywhere by spaceship. However, in real life, UFO mysterious events do exist, such as mysterious light in the sky, strange burnt round marks on the ground, and so on. Today, we are going to tell you that this event happened in the Antarctic. Many people think that the falling and destruction marks left underground are UFO masterpieces. Is this really true?

“Large scale UFO crash trace” in Antarctica

In the whole world, Antarctica is the largest area of no man’s land. Due to the perennial cold, few people will risk their lives here. With the development of human science and technology, many explorers and scientists will come to the uninhabited Antarctica for investigation. Some people have found a special place on the southwest side of Ross Island in Antarctica. Its whole appearance is very similar to the trace of “UFO spacecraft” crashing into the ground. According to the detailed exploration of the researchers, the trace of the impact on the surface is 11 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide, leaving a long track on the glacier. This special discovery has aroused the curiosity of researchers all over the world, and they have come here to investigate. Some people speculate that this trace should be related to the most serious air crash in the history of New Zealand. Is it the trace left by the New Zealand aircraft te901?

The picture shows the remains of te901

New Zealand airliner disintegrates after crashing into an active volcano, passengers fall into magma

The crash of te901, a New Zealand airliner, was once a major air crash in the world. New Zealand aircraft te901 is a special line for air sightseeing in Antarctica of New Zealand airlines. After taking off from Auckland Airport, the plane goes to Ross Island in Antarctica, so that passengers can fully appreciate the beauty of Antarctica. On November 28, 1979, Air New Zealand would not have allowed these two inexperienced pilots to fly the Antarctic route if they were not short of manpower. It’s a strange route for the two pilots to fly to Antarctica. Fortunately, the crew of the last flight te901 left them a detailed chart of the whole journey. Their scheduled route is to fly directly from Auckland to markmodo Bay in Antarctica and return to New Zealand on the same day without stopping for a single flight.

Unexpectedly, the two pilots’ flight route map has been modified by Air New Zealand. Compared with the previous old route map, the new route will deviate 45 km eastward and no longer fly over McMurdo Bay. Instead, it will fly directly over Louise Bay and Mount Everest, which is 3794 meters above sea level. In the best of spirits, the new flight path coordinates were changed, but no responsible person informed the two crew members that before the take-off, the two pilots directly entered the coordinate system into the autopilot system and then took off with flying enthusiasm.

The picture shows mount erebes

After four hours of flight, the plane began to request descent. After getting permission, less than 10 minutes later, the airline made a call, the flight did not respond, and several calls did not respond. Unexpectedly, the plane crashed. So why did the te901 crash? What happened after the plane went down? The revised new route map needs to pass through a volcano called erebes. However, this volcano is an active volcano, and some volcanic ash will be ejected from the surface for a long time.

When flight te901 passed through the vast white clouds, the pilot mistakenly thought that it had arrived at the Ross Ice Shelf. In order to let tourists see the beautiful landscape, the captain asked the plane to descend. After the descent, the mid plane switched to the autopilot mode from the low altitude. The clouds outside the window of the plane merged with the volcanic ash, resulting in the white sky phenomenon. Even the experienced pilots could not distinguish this phenomenon, let alone the two pilots who flew to the south pole for the first time. The tragedy at this time could not be avoided.

Te901 crash site

Seeing that the plane was about to hit the volcano, the only thing the captain could do was to accelerate the ascent, hoping to bypass the volcano in this way. However, because the plane was too close to the volcano, it was too late. Mount erebes is an active volcano. The magma pool in the crater has been active for a long time. After the impact, the plane disintegrated quickly, and the passengers on the plane were killed directly. However, the passengers at the tail of the plane were thrown out directly due to inertia before the disintegration of the plane, fell into the lava and lava flow, and instantly turned into ashes.

So for all of you, the 600 meter mark left by the crash of the New Zealand airliner is not a “mysterious mark” on the southwest side of Ross Island, Antarctica, because there is still a certain distance between the crash site of the New Zealand airliner and Ross Island, Antarctica. Moreover, there is too much difference between more than 600 meters and 11 kilometers.

Eerie “traces” in the formation of the ice tongue of erebes

Some netizens can’t help asking: “it’s not the crash trail left by the New Zealand airliner. Is it really the crash trail left by the huge UFO?” Judging from the relevant information transmitted by aerial photography, this special location is very similar to the trace of a huge UFO crash. However, this is quite different from the data transmitted by on-site exploration. The monitoring results of data transmitted by on-site exploration show that ordinary crash marks will be sunken on the ice surface, but this crash mark is prominent on the ice surface. Scientists call it the structure of ice tongue.

So what is ice tongue? Ice tongue is the most active area of glaciers, which is formed by the long and narrow strips of ice extending into the sea along the surface or ice surface. In other words, the “hot water” flowing down from the erebes volcano impacts into the glacier, speeding up the flow of ice, making the whole ice block higher than the ice surface. This situation is called the erebes ice tongue, which is a typical geographical feature of Antarctica. In recent years, with the global warming, the ice around Antarctica will melt, but the elbes tongue will not melt. The elbes tongue will float in the sea water. Its existence can be said to be temporary. This kind of impact trace is the result of nature’s wonderful work, which will make the scientific researchers stunned.

On the whole, the theory that the suspected UFO traces were found in Antarctica is self defeating. How many unknown secrets there are in the vast earth is unknown to human beings. Exploring nature is the basis of the development of human civilization, and also the most important content of human life. Human brave and persistent exploration of the unknown areas of the world. At the end of the exploration, scientists from all over the world scrambled to create human records. What they faced was the unknown of human beings, and what they challenged was the limit of human wisdom. They were the bravest people in the world The truth behind many unknown events!

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