Is there a wormhole for people to cross? It is recorded in ancient Chinese books that it has been thousands of years since turning back

No matter in today’s TV series or movies, there are many works about crossing. Even in this field, there are a wide range of subjects, which makes people have to think, are such events made up by people’s imagination, or are there some historical materials for people to refer to? Is the wormhole that people can cross really exist? It has to be thought-provoking.

When it comes to crossing, the ancients did leave behind a lot of historical records, such as “paradise” and “a dream for a thousand years”. People who love to watch crossing movies and novels are not unfamiliar with this. The topic of crossing and wormhole of time and space has been hotly discussed.

Famous physicist Einstein once put forward a theory, let people really understand what is “wormhole”. Einstein believed that the time hole, also known as wormhole, is a possible existence in the universe, which is associated with two different time and space tunnels. It can achieve spatial displacement or complete a time travel in different places at different times, just like a time machine. Wormhole is also described as the oxygen needed for life, which is everywhere but can not be found.

Southern Dynasties

┬ĚSong Dynasty

Liu Yiqing

There is an interesting story in Youming Lu. In 62 A.D., there were two young people who lived by collecting herbs. One was Liu Chen, the other was Ruan Zhao. They had been gathering herbs together on Tiantai Mountain. Tiantai Mountain is located in Zhejiang Province, where trees are luxuriant and the terrain is rather steep.

Originally, they were collecting herbs all the year round, and they were very familiar with the geographical environment of Tiantai Mountain, but somehow they lost their way. It was getting dark. They couldn’t find their way back to the village. They were in a hurry. When they were at a loss, they suddenly found a big leaf floating down the stream beside them. It was strange that there was a bowl full of rice on the leaf. As soon as they looked at each other, they immediately laughed. Since there is food, there must be someone else on it! They swept away their decadent state and ran to the top of the mountain. As they walked, they did not know how far they had gone. When they looked up again, they found that there were two girls. They were stunned. One of the girls said, “Liu Lang and Ruan Lang, how can you come here? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Come home with us!” And this walk, in the twinkling of an eye a year passed.

Although they lived a happy life, they were always worried about their parents and relatives. So they went back along the way they came. Once they went down the mountain, it was like they were in another world. Everything was different from before. After inquiring about it, they found out that their parents and relatives had already passed away and the times had changed. This short year has been a long time in the world Millennium! It can be seen that the historical materials handed down from generation to generation have had the experience of crossing, which makes people seriously think about the existence of “wormhole”.

If we can find the “wormhole” of fast passage in the future, it will be a big stage change for human beings. It will be an existence beyond the speed of light, and human beings will not only be limited to the earth, the solar system, or even the Milky way. At that time, human beings will surely see a wider world.

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