Is there an underground civilization inside the earth? NASA has received the signal, or the only evidence!

NASA once received a mysterious signal and did not dare to reply. What did they find?

With the development of science and technology, human beings always keep a positive curiosity about the unknown things of the earth and even the universe. Driven by this power, many puzzles have been solved. Nowadays, it is no longer a fantasy to go up to the sky and down to the sea to catch turtles. Human beings are almost omnipotent. When we really go out of the earth and enter the solar system, we find that more and more problems emerge.

The existence of alien civilization has become a topic of concern for scientists. Although many stand in its position of existence, they fail to produce substantial evidence to prove it. From all kinds of signs, it seems to be hidden in the human side, and some people speculate that it may exist in the interior of the earth. What’s the matter? NASA said that it should be a happy thing to receive a mysterious signal underground, but they dare not reply. Why? NASA once received a mysterious signal and did not dare to reply. What did they find?

Does geocentric civilization exist?

Have you heard of Snowden? He once revealed that geocentric people exist on the earth. They have formed a race. Civilization and technology are more advanced than human beings. So they began to guess the true appearance of geocentric people. Maybe they have learned the technique of transfiguration long ago and live in the same space with us. This disclosure caused people’s panic. If it can be confirmed that they exist, they must be more advanced than human beings , which has been hidden around human beings, will bring more danger.

Scientists also express their views that if they live on the earth, they must have special skills, because the underground world is very bad, not only the temperature is high, but also the oxygen is extremely scarce. If they want to adapt to this bad environment, they will not be able to go to heaven until they have already trained their skills, which are higher than human civilization. Over the years, human beings have detected the changes of the earth’s internal environment through seismic waves, and have not found any anomalies. How do they exist?

Signal frequency received by NASA

NASA received this signal and its law. Researchers generally believe that it may be that they want to get in touch with human beings. In order to prevent it from happening, NASA did not respond, but blocked the news. If an official had not accidentally let slip, it is estimated that the disclosure would never be made public. This reminds us of Hawking’s remarks In Kim’s view, human beings should not disturb the wisdom civilization. Because we don’t know whether they are good or bad, when human beings are looking for alien civilization, they are more rigid and don’t know how to adapt.

It’s wrong to look for it in our living environment. If alien civilizations existed, they would have learned the ability to change their environment after living in the universe for so many years. If human beings really face to face with them one day, it is estimated that they will attack human beings. Hawking’s worry has alerted the world. As for whether the mysterious signal received by NASA was sent by geocentric people, scientists can not make a final conclusion. Unless they can find clues, what is the basis for their signal transmission? You can leave a message for interaction.

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