Is there any advanced civilization in the universe? If it exists, why hasn’t it been so long to see the earth?

Is there any advanced civilization in the universe? If it exists, why hasn’t it been so long to see the earth?

It is very lucky that human beings can be born on the earth smoothly and form their own civilization. Compared with dinosaurs, human beings have almost no advantage, no matter in limbs or size. Fortunately, in the end, human beings have become the masters of the earth. No matter how fierce dinosaurs are, they will eventually go extinct. For a long time, there are different opinions about the cause of dinosaur extinction. Some people think it was caused by asteroid impact, while others think it was caused by volcanic eruption. The most convincing argument is asteroid impact. After all, dinosaurs are so fierce that it is not so easy for them to go extinct at one time, unless they suffer from a great natural disaster.

In fact, human beings should thank nature. If nature had not given us everything, human beings would not have come to the present. Since entering the era of science and technology, the pace of human social development is faster and faster. With the support of science and technology, human beings have finally set foot in the outer space. When we see the universe, we have a question in our heart. Is human the only intelligent civilization in the universe? Why are you so lonely? Is there any advanced civilization in the universe? If it exists, why hasn’t it been so long to see the earth?

Why have alien civilizations not visited the earth

The universe is too big to calculate. If there is no other alien civilization, no one will believe it. The earth is just a small planet in the universe, and there are other planets with larger volume and mass. We can’t guarantee that there will be no other life. It’s just that human technology is limited, and we can’t go to all the planets to have a look. Scientists have always believed that alien civilization exists. If it does not exist, it will make people have a sense of fear.

The birth of a life requires very harsh conditions. The main reason why human beings have nothing to gain from alien civilization is that their power is too small. The possibility of independently searching for alien civilizations is very small. Unless alien civilizations are presented to human beings, the possibility of human beings trying to find them is too small. Theoretically speaking, it is possible for alien civilizations to take the initiative to seek the existence of human beings. Why have they not visited the earth so far? No matter from the age or scale of the universe, there should be a more advanced alien civilization than human beings.

Scientists analyze two reasons

Scientists have speculated on two reasons. One is that advanced civilizations think that the level of human civilization is too low, and they don’t take human beings seriously at all. They think that there is no need for communication, so they directly ignore human civilization. Just like ants and elephants, there is no communication between the two, and there is a big gap. One reason is that human beings have been manipulated by other advanced civilizations, who can observe every move of human beings. In a long time ago, aliens have visited the earth, the earth into a cage, captive human, so that he can observe all the time. Some people think that perhaps the earth where the advanced civilization is located has more resources, which is not surprising at all.

If you think about it carefully, only by making human civilization stronger can you find advanced civilization. Only by making yourself stronger can advanced civilization take the initiative to connect with human civilization. If you have been stagnant, it is almost impossible to find advanced civilization. Do you think human beings are unique in the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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