Is there any living thing in nature? Its vitality is very strong and it can rejuvenate

The earth has a long life history of 4 billion years. In such a long time, there are too many kinds of life to be counted. And life continues to move forward through evolution, no matter what kind of life can not continue until now.

The ecological environment of nature has created life, but nature has put a lot of shackles on life. At the same time, by launching an ecological catastrophe every once in a while, nature has made more than 80% of life extinct. After the mass extinction, the surviving lives continue to evolve.

In this way, the earth has experienced as many as five mass extinctions in the past 500 million years. The closest thing to us is the dinosaur mass extinction 65 million years ago. Although the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid impact on the earth, which caused ecological upheaval, who can say that this asteroid impact on the earth is not the arrangement of nature?

The successive mass extinctions have made the life of the earth rotate continuously for 4 billion years. Now there are very few ancient creatures on the earth. The organisms that survived the mass extinction 65 million years ago and propagated to the present are considered to be the oldest organisms on the earth, while no earlier paleontology has been found to have continued on the earth.

This is nature’s ruthlessness and cruelty to life. In addition to the constant cleansing of living things by mass extinction, nature also imposes another terrible shackle on living things, that is, they cannot live forever. Human beings were born millions of years ago and formed a civilization more than 5000 years ago. After the formation of civilization, many people fantasized about immortality. In particular, many emperors had such a dream and made great efforts. For example, Qin Shihuang was very persistent in immortality. He wanted to achieve immortality through various methods, but he also failed in the end.

In the eyes of many people, immortality is always just a dream, which can not be realized. Although people are basically aware of this cruel fact, they still have not eliminated the desire for immortality in their hearts. After entering the era of science and technology, people realize the greatness of science and think that science can do everything in the world, including creating life.

Since science can create life, it seems to be possible for life to achieve immortality. So scientists began a lot of research on immortality, and put forward a variety of methods to achieve immortality, such as freezing technology, so that cells in the body can stop metabolism and keep active forever. Theoretically speaking, this way can make a person live forever, but only in sleep.

When human beings enter the era of artificial intelligence, some crazy scientists put forward the immortal technology of digitizing consciousness. We should know that the brain is the core of what human beings call intelligent life, and the most mysterious part of the brain is consciousness. Consciousness dominates all human activities, and scientists expect to make consciousness digitalized, uploaded and downloaded.

If the consciousness is digitized, then we can download the human consciousness and transfer it to a robot. In this way, as long as the machine changes its parts regularly, it can keep its vitality forever, and the human consciousness can also exist forever, realizing another kind of immortality.

It can be seen that human beings are still full of desire for immortality and hope to achieve immortality one day. However, it may be very difficult to achieve such a goal. In order to explore the mystery of immortality, scientists began to transfer the goal from human beings to other creatures.

In the view of scientists, the world of life is full of mystery and infinite possibilities. Since the birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago, all kinds of things have appeared, including all kinds of celestial bodies, all kinds of materials, all kinds of rules, etc. Among the many things that appear, to ask which is the most mysterious and complex, it must be life.

There are too many mysteries about the birth and evolution of life. It may be the ultimate mystery of the universe. There are countless possibilities in the world of life, human beings can not achieve immortality, so there are immortal creatures in nature? Some people may say that immortality is not allowed by nature and violates the laws of nature. It is impossible to exist in the world of life. Is this really the case?

Indeed, in the world of life on earth, almost every creature has a different life span, and it is impossible to achieve immortality. However, there is a kind of creature whose vitality is very adverse to heaven, and it can achieve immortality to some extent. So who is this kind of adverse creature? It is also insignificant in people’s eyes, is very small, it is the lighthouse jellyfish.

Many people may have heard of Lighthouse jellyfish, but they have not really seen it. Xiaobian naturally has not really seen this kind of creature, but has seen it in many scientific research papers and online videos. Lighthouse jellyfish is a small jellyfish, the body is bell shaped, only 4-5mm in diameter, transparent body, can see the internal digestive system.

This transparent structure of the body, like a lighthouse, so scientists give it a nice name lighthouse jellyfish. Lighthouse jellyfish mostly live in tropical waters. Although they are very small, they are carnivorous. They feed on plankton, small crustaceans, polychaetes and even small fish.

In 2010, a scientific paper published in the journal Nature and science focused on this magical lighthouse jellyfish. Scientists call it an “animal that won’t die” and achieve some kind of immortality. So why does the coal tower jellyfish have this kind of “special ability” that makes people envious?

When scientists discovered that lighthouse jellyfish has such a strong ability of immortality, it naturally aroused great interest in research. Through the research of scientists, we have initially discovered part of the mystery that lighthouse jellyfish can live forever. Its immortality method is to make itself “rejuvenate”. Lighthouse jellyfish will return to the Hydra state after maturity, and can repeat this process indefinitely, so they have the ability to rejuvenate.

As for how the lighthouse jellyfish can make itself rejuvenate, it is not in the research and exploration. The discovery of Lighthouse jellyfish, a creature with the ability of immortality, on earth is really great news. It tells us that immortality is not a legend, but a real existence.

As long as we can crack the lighthouse jellyfish’s infinite rejuvenation ability, it can effectively help scientists have a better understanding of immortality. Of course, the complexity of human body structure is far more than that of Lighthouse jellyfish. It will be more difficult and long for us to achieve unlimited rejuvenation.

Perhaps inspired by the lighthouse jellyfish, some scientists have published some important achievements in the research of human life this year. For example, some scientists have discovered the key factors affecting human life span and developed a kind of medicine, which can make the elderly return to their old age and increase their life span. Our life scientists have made a lot of achievements on this road.

It can be seen that science is really great. It can solve the mystery of life and increase the life span of human beings. We can foresee that in the near future, the average life span of human beings will increase greatly. It may not be a dream to live for hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of years. And as long as we continue to research and explore in life science, perhaps one day, we can achieve the immortality of Lighthouse jellyfish.

Of course, whether immortality is good or bad for human beings is also a challenging topic. Friends are welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express their opinions.

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