Is there any scientific basis for foreign forecasters to predict that 2021 will be an extraordinary year?

At all times and all over the world, there has never been a lack of prophets on the earth. In the era of backward science and technology, people put their hopes on the prophets, hoping to reverse their fate and turn the world around through prophecy. After entering the era of science and technology, in the eyes of many people, prediction is illusory, without scientific basis. However, there are also some forecasters on the Internet who not only predict the future of the earth, but also gain the support of a large number of fans. Will these predictions come true?

Although 2020 has become a bygone year, and mankind has pinned its hopes on 2021, some scientists still warn us. Even in 2021, frequent natural disasters will not disappear. This year is still a year worth remembering. According to foreign media reports, there is a man named Craig in Britain who made a prediction for 2021. Craig is a very famous prophet on the Internet, many people think that his prediction accuracy is very high, and some predictions have been verified.

Craig’s prophecy

Craig once predicted that infectious diseases and wars will appear on the earth in the future, which seems to have been proved in 2020. Many people are also curious about Craig’s prophecy. Craig said that he was born with psychic ability. His eyes seem to be able to see things that ordinary people can’t see, so he can also see what will happen in the future. He said that the future of the earth is still uncertain, and the level of human science and technology may also change seriously. This prediction also seems to warn mankind that in the future, the level of human science and technology may fall into a period of stagnation.

What will 2021 look like?

In addition, Craig also published his forecast for 2021 on his personal social media account, so what did he say? He claimed that 2021 is also an extraordinary year, and the disasters in 2020 may continue, and may occur more frequently. Many people feel worried after hearing his prediction. Originally, everyone was full of hope for 2021, but what the prophet said is undoubtedly a heavy blow to these people. They think that with the efforts of human beings, these disasters can be overcome, and in the future, human civilization will develop better and better. Is that really the case?

In fact, despite Craig’s prediction, the environmental situation of the earth can not be ignored. Scientists claim that according to the speed of human development, the sixth mass extinction of the earth already has a precursor. Different from previous mass extinctions, this extinction event is entirely human’s own suffering.

Xiaobian thinks that we can listen to the prophecies of these prophets as a piece of jokes, and we don’t have to worry too much, let alone pay attention to these prophecies. What we have to do is to establish the awareness of environmental protection from now on, and only cherish the present and live a good life now is the top priority. I don’t know what you think?

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