Is there any scientific basis for “warm winter solstice, cold to mid March”? Scientist: is it cold winter this year?

Today, 2020 has entered December. Yesterday was also the winter solstice of 24 solar terms. Many cities in northern China will choose to eat dumplings on the day of winter solstice, while friends in the South will choose to eat tangyuan. This is different in food culture, but the festival celebration mood is the same. For us, the winter solstice is also a sign, because from this day on, it means that mankind has officially entered the cold days.

Warm winter solstice

It’s cold until mid March

In fact, it has been said that the winter solstice is as big as the year in rural areas. Many old people think that if they don’t eat dumplings on the day of winter solstice, their ears will be damaged by freezing, so the winter solstice has become a festival for family reunion. In addition to the beautiful implication, farmers will also arrange crop planting according to the solar terms. With the development of civilization, our ancestors have left many sayings, such as “warm winter solstice, cold to mid March”. This is actually a talk of experience, and many people will doubt whether this winter is cold or warm?

If the temperature is higher on the day of the winter solstice, it will be warmer this winter, but it will be colder next spring. If it’s cold, winter will come earlier this year. After spring, the temperature will start to pick up. Although there is not much scientific basis for these sayings, Xiaobian thinks that since these sayings can be handed down to today, there must be reasons for their existence. In fact, these are the life experiences summed up by the working people over a long period of time.

Some people found on the day of the winter solstice that the temperature on the day of the winter solstice was obviously much colder than in previous years, so many people think that this year is probably a cold winter. Previously, there was a saying on the Internet that the winter of 2020 will be the coldest winter in nearly 60 years. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that it’s arbitrary to judge the temperature situation this winter just from a common saying. After all, there are still many factors that affect the temperature. Especially since human beings entered the industrial society, with the massive emission of greenhouse gases, the global temperature is still rising. In recent years, the probability of cold winter is getting lower and lower, and “the road is frozen to death” has become a hot topic It’s a scene that only appears in a poem.

La Nina’s situation

According to the data of scientists, La Nina has become a foregone conclusion, and is still making efforts. Generally speaking, once La Nina appears, the temperature in previous years must be relatively cold, just like the snow disaster in southern China in 2018, when a large number of crops were frozen, which greatly affected human life. Up to now, many places in our country have begun to cool down obviously, and even many places use too much power for heating, which leads to the phenomenon of switching off and limiting power supply.

So some people think that it is precisely because of the influence of La Nina that even though the global temperature is still rising, the temperature this year will be much lower than that in previous years. Of course, these are all people’s conjectures. Whether it will be cold in winter this year and whether it will snow in the South still depends on the close attention of scientists. I don’t know what you think?

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