Is there any writing on natural meteorite? After scientists’ research: it’s aliens who send us information

Meteorite is also called “meteorite”. Professionally speaking, it is the unburned stone, iron or mixed material of stone and iron that the meteor or dust fragments of the universe outside the earth leave the original orbit and quickly fall on the surface of the earth or other planets. Generally speaking, it is a small star in the universe, passing through the atmosphere and landing on the earth.

Meteorite in the atmosphere will burn and wear, so its shape more rounded and no edge no angle. But have you ever seen a natural meteorite with words?

In Zibo, Shandong Province, a farmer found a “stone” engraved with characters. He thought it was a treasure of cultural relics and handed it in.

After the study of cultural relic experts, it is found that the “stone” is a meteorite, and the words on the meteorite do not belong to the earth.

It’s words, but it looks more like some kind of pattern. Some scientists speculate that this is a message sent to us by aliens.

But why choose to use meteorite lettering instead of radio signals to transmit information? What’s more strange is that similar things happened during the first emperor of Qin Dynasty.

It is said that during the reign of Qin Shihuang, he also encountered meteorites with inscriptions. One day, a meteorite came down from the sky. When people looked around, they found that it was engraved on the stone: the first emperor died and divided.

When this matter reached the ears of the first emperor of Qin, he immediately ordered the investigation. After the investigation failed, all the residents living near the meteorite were executed. Miraculously, history happened like a prophecy on this stone.

Why is that?

Of course, scientists have also studied it. They found that these symbols are very mysterious. Generally speaking, when passing through the atmosphere, the surface of the meteorite will be burned, but those words, patterns or symbols are not destroyed, indicating that the information is carved inside the meteorite.

But scientists are still exploring how to calculate the thickness of burning and melting in the atmosphere so accurately that the information to be displayed will not be destroyed.

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