Is there life inside the earth? Scientists have discovered the “dark biosphere”, with millions of species

Although human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years and tried to go out of the earth and explore the universe through modern science and technology, our understanding of the earth is far from enough.

For human beings, the earth still has many unsolved mysteries, full of mystery. The earth is the only planet with life, so the earth is very special.

According to the research of scientists, about 4 billion years ago, the first life appeared on the earth. However, some people have doubts about this matter: is there life inside the earth?

It has been revealed that there is indeed life inside the earth. After continuous research and exploration, scientists found that there are millions of species in the biosphere. What’s going on? Let’s take a look at it.

Have you heard of the Soviet plan to dig through the earth?

In the 1970s, the former Soviet Union set up a scientific research group to study the underground world. They tried to dig to the other end of the earth.

When the Soviet Union dug more than 9000 meters deep, it found a lot of gold and diamonds, but when it continued to dig to 12262 meters, it suddenly stopped.

Many people feel that they have reached such a deep position. Why not continue? Maybe a bigger discovery and surprise! No one knew why.

Recently, according to the study of the earth’s deep rocks, life can live in the underground biosphere several kilometers below the surface.

Some bacteria live in rocks and water. They don’t need sunlight. They just need to extract energy from chemical reactions.

Studies have shown that the underground world is twice as large as the marine world, and it contains about one fifth of the total biomass. It is mainly composed of microorganisms, bacteria and archaea. It is usually composed of some simple unicellular or complex multicellular organisms.

There are also creatures that have existed for at least 1000 years, which can be called “dark biosphere”. These creatures live under high temperature and high pressure all the year round, and they need very little energy to survive.

It can be seen how powerful the vitality of the earth’s creatures is. Even in the extremely harsh environment that human beings can’t seem to survive at all, they still live well.

Xiaobian conjectures that there are so many lives in the earth’s underground world. Could life on Mars or other planets also originate from such a simple and strange environment?

If so, isn’t the water rich planet rich in microbes?

What do you think of the earth’s underground biosphere? Welcome to the comments section.

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