Is there life on Mars? It seems that there is a “honeycomb like” ancient city on the surface. Who built it?

With the deterioration of the earth’s environment, many countries put their hopes on Mars. If human beings can successfully land on Mars and transform it, then human beings will regain new hope. Many people think that the current Mars is not suitable for human survival, but through a large number of Mars photos, it seems that there are traces of life on Mars. There is such a picture circulating on the Internet. There is a honeycomb shape on the surface of Mars. UFO enthusiasts think that this is actually the city of aliens. Is there any basis for this statement?

Honeycomb structure on Mars

This is a picture released by NASA. This is also a picture taken by Mars exploration orbiter. There is a famous “night labyrinth” on Mars. This picture is taken of this area. When scientists spread this picture on the website, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. Many UFO enthusiasts think that if it’s just ordinary rock, the shape can’t be so novel. Therefore, they think that this shape may be the ventilation equipment built by aliens. By enlarging the photo and calculating, they think that the height of the underground city is up to 30 meters, and there is a whisker like structure between the walls, so they guess that this is actually a city built by extraterrestrial life. Under such a structure, we can see nothing. The reason why the aliens built this way is to adapt to the harsh environment on Mars. This kind of ventilation can make the temperature of the city reach the appropriate level.

Although what these UFO enthusiasts say is reasonable, scientists do not agree with it. NASA scientists believe that this is not an underground city, but a sedimentary terrain formed in the evolution of hundreds of millions of years. In fact, its interior is just a huge sand dune. In fact, there have been many pictures on Mars, most of which are strange. Scientists think that this has nothing to do with aliens. Most of them are landforms caused by natural weathering. But UFO enthusiasts don’t think so. They claim that this is not the first evidence of life on Mars.

Ancient city on Mars

They sifted through the photos taken by the probe and found traces of the “ancient city”. For example, in the next photo, this is an aerial photo, which shows us the appearance of Mars near the equator. When we observe carefully, we can see some circular patterns on the surface of Mars. They guess that these circular patterns are actually eroded In fact, these structures are built by walls. Some netizens think that these round roof structures are very similar to some cities in South Africa, so there are underground city sites on Mars. Of course, some people think that this is just an ordinary natural landscape.

At present, Mars is a cold desert, but in fact, in the distant past, Mars used to be a warm and suitable living environment. At that time, Mars was also a vibrant natural scene. Perhaps at that time, Mars really gave birth to life. They lived and multiplied on Mars, and also built many urban buildings, but with the movement of Mars, they were suitable for living The warm environment gradually faded, life can not tolerate such changes, so it can only slowly perish.

Is there life on Mars?

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that if there was no life on Mars, then there would not be so many countries looking forward to Mars launching probes one after another. Even though there is no intelligent life on Mars now, Mars used to be very similar to the earth. As long as human beings can land on Mars and solve its secret, Mars will be the best place in a hundred years Maybe it can be transformed into a living home by human beings. At that time, Mars was really full of urban buildings.

The European Space Agency once released a picture, which shows that there may be water resources underground on the irysim plain at the equator of Mars. NASA of the United States also said that it was once an active area of volcanoes, that is to say, it has experienced many surface remolding processes, and perhaps the interior of the plain is really covered with an ocean.

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