Is there life on Mars? NASA’s latest conclusion makes people cool again

Mars has always appeared in all kinds of science fiction, or the base of alien civilization, or hidden amazing life. However, the reason why these science fiction writers are so keen on Mars is not without reasons, because Mars does have the conditions for living creatures. First of all, the temperature at the equator of Mars can reach 35 ℃ during the daytime in summer; at night, the temperature will drop to – 73 ℃ Here we want to talk about the atmosphere of Mars, because the amazing temperature difference and ultra-low temperature of Mars are closely related to the atmosphere of Mars. The reason why the temperature difference between morning and night is not huge is that our earth’s atmosphere is very thick, so it can restrain heat energy at night. However, the atmosphere of Mars is only a few percent of that of the earth, so the temperature difference is huge.

These are not the best evidence of life on Mars. In 2015, NASA released a report and picture, which said that traces of water were suspected to have been found on Mars, along with a picture. At that time, there was an uproar, and someone even proposed the Mars base, which is to take Mars as the second hometown of the earth. It can be said that the earliest origin of the earth’s current human beings, including animals, is in fact in the ocean, so countless people speculate that Mars has water, whether Mars will also have life? At that time, some scientists said that the number of life on Mars was far more than that on earth.

However, a scientist recently expressed his opinion that there was no life on Mars because he found a substance in the sample he brought back from NASA. After the study found that this material belongs to the early Martian material, but this material contains a very high oxygen content, and has a very strong corrosive. In the early life of organisms, the existence of such a substance is fatal to the early simple organisms. Because the living environment of early Mars was restored from the samples taken back, this kind of salty and corrosive material was attached to the surface of Mars, and this kind of material was also attached to the water, so the organisms could not survive at all.

However, the courage of human beings to explore is worth affirming. For the exploration of Mars, human beings have spared no effort to send two exploration vehicles, namely “opportunity” and “courage”. However, the road to explore civilization is always hard and painful. Although Mars has not been brought any life signal this time, I believe that human beings only need to go on forever If we continue to explore, we will certainly bring opportunities and courage to the whole universe.

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