Is there life on Mars? Scientists discover mysterious scenes, or “animal groups”!

Strange phenomena found on Mars, suspected of animal migration, is it true that there is life on Mars?

When I was a child, my teacher asked me a question. What’s your dream when you grow up? Every child has the most real idea in his heart. Many people want to be an astronaut when they grow up. It’s a very respectable profession. Every astronaut’s efforts are huge, and they also need to have unswerving courage.

In 2003, Yang Liwei, as the first person in China’s aerospace field, successfully returned to the earth, making China leap forward in the aerospace field. Since then, China has developed rapidly in the aerospace field, and has actively built numerous detectors, artificial satellites and so on, in order to have a deeper understanding of the universe. For a long time, human beings have been looking for a planet similar to the earth’s environment. Astronauts have been to the moon, Mars and other planets, but they have not got the answer they want. The environment of these planets is relatively bad. Strange phenomena found on Mars, suspected of animal migration, is it true that there is life on Mars?

According to the truth, there is no life at all, and there is no condition for the birth of life. However, some scientists have found that there are huge groups of animals on Mars, and the surface seems to have been cleaned. If so, can it prove that there was life on Mars?

Human beings are very small in the universe. The first planet we explored was the moon. We had unlimited illusions about it. We didn’t know until the moment we landed on the moon that the moon was not as perfect as we thought. There was a lot of grey everywhere and it was extremely calm. So we shifted our goal to Mars. At first, people thought there was nothing worth discussing about Mars. When science and technology developed to a certain stage, when people explored Mars again, they were surprised to find that there was a lot of liquid water on Mars.

To know that water is the source of life, any kind of life on earth can not do without water irrigation, there is so much water on Mars, we can not deny that there is no life on Mars, experts also heard that Mars found anomalies, and launched a comprehensive observation, through a series of studies, we finally know that the so-called anomalies are not the traces of animals after the great migration, but meteorites The traces left by the impact cast a mysterious veil on Mars. Originally, many experts thought that this big discovery could prove that there were conditions for the birth of life on Mars, but they were disappointed in the final result.

However, scientists are not completely disappointed with Mars. After all, there is a lot of liquid water on Mars, which the moon does not have. Some people speculate that there is life on Mars, but their hiding places are too hidden, and human ability is limited, so they can’t find their traces. Others think that there are no conditions for the birth of life on Mars, and there can’t be other life in bad environment. There are different opinions. Do you think there is life on Mars? You can leave a message for interaction.

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