Is there life on Mars? The detector found “fish fossils”, which may be evidence!

NASA sent back photos, Mars suspected existence of biological fossils, scientists can’t help it!

Exploring Mars is a huge project, which requires a lot of human and material resources to build probes, telescopes and so on. Only in this way can we observe Mars better. Mars was once regarded as the second home for human migration, but when we landed on Mars, we were frightened by its internal environment. It is totally at two extremes with the earth. Not only is the temperature high, there is no water or oxygen, and the probability of life is very low. Compared with the earth, the earth is truly unique.

Almost everyone has a question, is human really the only life in the universe? Many experts firmly believe that alien civilization is real. Human beings have not found their trace yet. They may hide in a corner of the universe, so it is difficult to find them. According to relevant studies, the probability of extraterrestrial life in the universe is still very high, such as Europa, Europa and other celestial bodies, whose environment is good, providing a good foundation for the birth of life. NASA sent back photos, Mars suspected existence of biological fossils, scientists can’t help it!

Fossil fish found on Mars

The main reason why humans are looking for Mars is that there are frequent anomalies on Mars, and there are signs of life activities in the photos sent back by the probe. What’s the matter? Not long ago, it was said that a fish fossil was found on Mars. Its shape was special, its tail was clearly visible, and its head was very blurred. At the beginning, many people thought it was a composite photo, and the more they looked at it, the more wrong it was. This may be evidence of the existence of life on Mars.

Before that, some people have observed that there are creatures similar to lizards and Martian steel balls on Mars. We can’t directly deny that there is no life on Mars. These things are easily associated with life. The pace of human exploration of Mars has never stopped. At present, there are still three probes exploring Mars and bringing back soil data for analysis. Maybe one day in the future, it will be over It’s time to reveal the secrets hidden on Mars.

Human migration can only transform Mars

In the view of scientists, if human beings want to speed up the pace of migration to Mars, there is only one big opportunity, that is to transform the Martian environment, which is far from the earth. If human beings do not change their environment, they may lose their lives in less than one day after landing on Mars, unless they have the ability to change Mars. Scientists predict that in the next 200-300 years, human beings will be able to successfully transform the Martian environment. It is still a long time ago. With the existing strength of human beings, it is still a distant dream to move to Mars. The current exploration tasks are all to prepare for the future, and it is not easy to move to Mars.

We should not only pay attention to its environmental changes, but also determine whether it has other extraterrestrial life to decide whether it can migrate. On the other hand, we are also quietly observing the future direction of the earth. Seeing the current situation of the earth, it may be a foregone conclusion to move to Mars in the future. This is also the main reason why scientists can’t wait to transform Mars. What is Mars in your eyes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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