Is there really a passer-by? These three can foretell, leaving many advanced inventions!

The three great men with extraordinary ability, left many advanced inventions, suspected to be walkers!

In such a big world, there will always be some strange things, many mysteries have not been solved, and it will still stimulate human curiosity. In many science fiction movies, the plot of crossing time and space is involved. Creatures with this skill have strong super power. They are omnipotent and can fly freely in the sky. It is also reflected in many ancient dramas that the female or male masters return to the ancient or modern times through the way of crossing to pave the way for the beginning of the plot.

Scientists have given their own views on crossing time and space. It seems to be an unreachable fantasy. Everyone has had such a dream, but they still want to return to reality. Scientists have been searching for such a long time, and have not found any real evidence of the passer-by. After careful observation, the scientists found that there were three suspected walkers in history. Who were they? The three great men with extraordinary ability, left many advanced inventions, suspected to be walkers!

Three great men who are suspected to be walkers

The first one is Nikola Tesla. He has a high voice of controversy in the industry. Some people say that his research is fake. Is it fake? Tesla has been a genius since childhood, sleeping only two hours a day. With his unremitting efforts, he has developed more than 1000 invention patents, and he is proficient in any language. Every invention is very advanced and affects human life all the time. It seems to have the ability to predict the future. Due to its advanced speech and invention, more and more people worship Tesla, believing that it is not a human on earth, but a passer-by or an alien.

The second is Wang Mang. He is far away from us and has a very rare talent. When he was in power, he launched a number of policies, which benefited the common people. Whether it was slavery or government subsidies, he achieved the ultimate goal. In addition, he invented a lot of things. For example, bronze calipers are almost the same as vernier calipers today, which makes people wonder whether he has the ability to predict the future. As an ancient man, he seems to be a prophet. Otherwise, how could he have made so many advanced inventions?

The last one is Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is a famous painter, and Mona Lisa came from him. He is not only a painter, but also a mathematician, engineer, writer and so on. He has high attainments in many aspects. Some people once found in Da Vinci’s manuscripts underwater breathing apparatus, reverse helix, spirometer and so on, which were very advanced in his time. He also did detailed flight research on birds and planned out flight machines. In his time, these ideas were hard for ordinary people to think of, but they were perfect.

So far, whether these three great men are geniuses or walkers has been in everyone’s discussion. No matter which kind they belong to, they have made outstanding contributions to the whole society. Both spirit and contribution are worthy of praise. What do you think of these three great men in history? Do you think they’re walkers? You can leave a message for interaction.

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