Is there really a “third eye” in human beings? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

I believe my friends have seen two mythical TV dramas, journey to the West and romance of the gods. In the drama, Erlang God has a third eye, which is very powerful. And Wen Zhong has a third eye, which is also a threat. When many friends saw Erlang God’s third eye, they were very envious and imagined that if only they had a third eye.

So does the third eye in myth exist in the real world? Is there really a “third eye” in human beings? Maybe many people think it’s just a myth. How can human beings have a third eye? But the real situation makes many people can’t believe it. According to the research of scientists, human beings really have a third eye.

As we all know, the Maya civilization is a very mysterious civilization. It’s still a mystery where they came from and finally disappeared.

The Maya civilization is a civilization more than 4000 years ago. We should know that the whole history of human civilization is only about 5000 years. The Maya civilization appeared almost at the time when human civilization was born. Moreover, the Maya civilization is not a primitive and backward civilization. On the contrary, the Maya civilization is very developed, especially in the field of astronomy. Some people doubt that the Maya civilization has been developed With the ability of interstellar navigation, the later mysterious disappearance may be leaving the earth.

We don’t care how the Mayan civilization came and disappeared. What we want to say is that the relevant records of the Mayan civilization are the focus of scientists’ research. We should know that the ten predictions about the future of mankind made by the Mayan civilization more than 4000 years ago, except for the last one about the end of the world in 2012, all the other nine predictions were realized at the precise historical time.

According to the records of Mayan civilization, there were four solar periods in the earth in the last million years. The first solar period was called gandaya civilization. The civilization of this period belonged to the era of super civilization. The intelligent creature controlling this civilization had three eyes, and this eye also had supernatural ability. However, this civilization was finally destroyed by the extraterrestrial visitors, because the creator of this civilization came from outer space, and somehow had a conflict with outer space, and then was completely destroyed. All the remains of civilization were burned by fire and then sank to the bottom of the sea.

In the first solar age, a few people who survived entered the second era of civilization. With the passage of time, the third eye lost its function, and then gradually degenerated and disappeared. We don’t know whether the records of Mayan civilization are true or false, but there is a third one that is not false. When studying the skull of pangolin, Greek paleontologist olwitz accidentally found a small hole above its eye hole, which was arranged in the shape of “pin” with the two eye holes. At first, olwitz thought the skull was defective, so he found several large pangolin skulls and found that they were all the same, that is to say, the small hole was a degenerated orbit.

Olwitz’s discovery caused a sensation in the biological world. Since then, biologists and even scientists from all over the world have joined in the research. It turns out that amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and mammals all have a “third eye”, including human beings. But this third eye, for some unknown reason, gradually degenerated and disappeared in the continuous evolution of life.

By studying the human third eye, scientists found that it is buried in the upper thalamus of the brain, and it also has another name – pineal gland. The pineal gland is a light red oval body. It is located in the posterior part of the thalamus. The stalk is attached to the posterior part of the third ventricle. It is more developed in childhood, and gradually shrinks after the age of 7. There is calcium deposition in adult.

The pineal gland is strongly sensitive to the light from the sun and connects with the eyes through its nervousness. When the sun is strong, the secretion of pineal hormone by glands will decrease, while when the rain is continuous and there is no sun, the secretion of pineal hormone by glands is more. The function of the pineal gland is not well understood. Some studies now believe that people with developed pineal gland have strong sensory ability and can always find something that ordinary people can’t find. Sometimes we call it the sixth sense or the seventh sense.

And in our daily life, we sometimes find that our children will see some things we can’t see. Adults always think that children are talking nonsense. But this experience Xiaobian had when he was very young. At that time, he didn’t know anything and thought it was normal. But when I grow up, I understand the third eye of the human body.

Scientists have been studying the third eye of human beings, that is, the pineal gland. In the view of scientists, the pineal gland is by no means so simple. It may further human evolution. Although our present pineal gland has degenerated, if we can have a way to reactivate it, let the pineal gland continue to grow, let it play a stronger role, maybe the third eye of human beings will have it again. What changes will human beings have at that time is very worthy of our expectation.

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