Is there really five dimensional space in the universe? Scientist: maybe it will be here after death!

Scientists say that the soul does not disappear after death, but to another dimension of space!

The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years in the universe. The time that human beings spend on the earth is only the tip of the iceberg, only a few million years. In this long course of development, human beings have evolved into intelligent creatures on the earth and have their own consciousness and thinking. As the leader of the earth, human beings can destroy the earth as long as they use their brains. Therefore, everyone should take the responsibility of protecting the earth.

As the top creature in the food chain, human beings are actually no better than other animals. They can’t escape the fate of life, aging and death. Especially when people are old, they are very scared when they think that they will die. Everyone wants to achieve immortality in this world, but there is no way to achieve it. In fact, death is not terrible, the most painful is the grief of relatives. Some scientists always think that people don’t really disappear after death, which is very surprising. So where do people go after death? Scientists say that the soul does not disappear after death, but to another dimension of space!

It has been popular among the people that people usually go to heaven after they die. So what is heaven? Some scientists have carried out relevant experiments. While doing nuclear fission experiments, they will find that many particles suddenly disappear, and they don’t know where they are going. It is very likely that these particles directly enter into the field that human beings can’t deal with, that is, five dimensional space.

Human beings live in three-dimensional space, which is more advanced than animals living in two-dimensional space. Therefore, some scientists boldly speculate that once people experience death, they will directly enter five dimensional space. At present, human technology can only study three-dimensional space, and it is almost impossible to want to study five dimensional space. A long time ago, some scientists speculated on the four-dimensional space. Some people thought that the four-dimensional space only added a time axis on the basis of the three-dimensional space. The higher the enclosure, the more advanced the human beings living in this dimension will be.

Although the body will disappear after death, the soul and consciousness will not disappear after death. We can’t see or touch it at all. Then there is a question. Why do scientists think that people go to five dimensional space instead of other dimensional space after death? A long time ago, when a scientist was conducting experiments, he was surprised to find that the mass of a person after death would change significantly and gradually reduce. The reduced mass is likely to be the mass of the particles, and the lost mass has not disappeared.

According to the law of conservation of energy, they are likely to enter the five dimensional space, so we can’t see it or confirm it. Is it true that you have not reached the level of five dimensional space after the death of human beings? You can leave a message for interaction.

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