Is there really telepathy between relatives? Believe it or not, it does exist

The earliest contact of this phenomenon was in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. When Zhang Fei and Liu Bei died, Liu Bei had an ominous premonition. Xiaobian thought it was a superstition at first, but as she grew older, she came into contact with more and more things, and gradually felt that it was true.

In yesterday’s article “you and I all have this kind of super ability, but we don’t necessarily care about it. With a little research, you can predict the future”, a netizen commented: “when you study in a university outside the city for a week, you always feel something is wrong. After all, grandma is old. After that, I called home to ask my father not to leave home and look at grandma. My father said I was suspicious. The next day, my grandmother left home to buy things and died in an accident. More than ten years later, I don’t have that feeling any more. “

In fact, many people have this feeling, but it seems that there has never been a scientific explanation, so more and more people blame it on “supernatural”. But are there really so many supernatural beings? Xiaobian thinks it is just beyond the current scientific cognition.

When Xiaobian first came into contact with this phenomenon, he was a friend of his parents. He drank too much at night, fell from a height and was seriously injured. After returning home, because he was the only one in the family and didn’t go to the hospital, he died that night without knowing when. But the next day, the sister of the Party (in a foreign country) was said to have some ominous premonition, so she called her relatives at home. When she called her brother, she found that there was no answer, so she rushed to find a local friend to look for him in her home. As a result, her brother who had an accident was discovered.

Xiaobian thinks about it. Many people will experience this kind of thing. When someone has an accident, the closest people around them (ordinary relatives don’t have this phenomenon, for example, grandsons and grandmothers will have it, but grandsons and grandmothers won’t have it) usually have a feeling. If we classify it as a supernatural event, is it too “universal”?

So Xiaobian is more inclined to another view: the magnetic fields generated by brain waves interfere with each other

As we all know, our brain generates brain waves all the time. As long as your brain is thinking and working, there will be brain waves. Now that we have radio waves, we are also accompanied by magnetic fields. Do we live in other people’s magnetic fields all the time? Maybe because of blood relationship, the magnetic fields of two people (such as father and son) entangle with each other. When a person suddenly dies, the brain wave disappears and the magnetic field disappears. Can we sense it? Of course, this is just Xiaobian’s personal opinion.

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