Is there space-time distortion on the earth? It could happen right next to us

With the help of science and technology, when human beings walked out of the earth and saw the vastness, we realized how little human cognition of the universe was in the past. When we see the universe, we will be shocked by the magic and vastness of the universe. At that time, everything in the universe was so magical for us, such as: why can the earth and countless celestial bodies float in the universe? Why does the earth revolve around the sun?

For people who have just stepped out of the earth, the universe is a flat and stable three-dimensional space, but this space is too large for us to imagine. When Newton was inspired by the apple landing and put forward the law of universal gravitation, we also understood that the reason why the celestial bodies in the universe could float and rotate and revolve was because of the action of universal gravitation.

But in people’s cognition, the universe is flat and stable, is a perfect space. However, with the proposal of Einstein’s theory of relativity, the cognition of all this has changed. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the universe is not flat and stable, it is actually a distorted space.

The theory of relativity makes us understand that space-time distortion exists in the universe. Near some super massive celestial bodies, space-time distortion is more severe. Not only space-time will be distorted, but also mysterious things like time will be distorted. In the universe, the place where time can be distorted may be near the black hole proposed by Einstein.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, a body with a still mass can only move infinitely close to the speed of light. When the speed of a light object approaches the speed of light, its time keeps slowing down. Until the speed of the object reaches the speed of light, time will stop. In the process of infinitely approaching the speed of light, time is also distorted, which is the clock slow effect under the theory of relativity.

The concept of space-time distortion is based on the theory of relativity. If relativity is a great and correct theory, then the theory of space-time distortion is correct. In fact, after decades of exploration and research, scientists have basically recognized the authenticity of the space-time distortion theory, because in a large number of cosmic observations, we have found many space-time distortions.

According to the concept of space-time distortion based on the theory of relativity, space-time distortion is everywhere. There may be space-time distortion in every corner of the universe, but to different degrees. If so, does the earth also have space-time distortion? The answer is very likely. Einstein believed that any object with mass will affect the surrounding space-time, forming a kind of action similar to gravity.

In any corner of the earth, gravity exists, so the phenomenon of space-time distortion will exist. Maybe many people will say that we don’t feel the distortion of time and space? In fact, the distortion of space-time on the earth is very weak, which can’t be perceived by human’s perception ability. It needs some powerful gravitational wave equipment to observe it.

There is a study that shows that people living on the seashore and people living on the plateau experience different speeds of time. Generally speaking, due to the gravity of the seaside, the time flow here will be slower, so it looks much younger than people living in the mountains. Of course, this kind of time distortion is very weak and we can’t feel it.

In any case, scientists have shown through a large number of studies that space-time distortion may be everywhere, and it may happen all the time around us. Now the scientific and technological strength of human beings is still limited, and we can not really see the distortion of time and space around us. With the continuous progress of science and technology, we believe that there will be special equipment to detect the distortion of time and space in the future. At that time, each of us can see the distortion of time and space around us through scientific and technological equipment, and we believe that it will be an extraordinary experience.

The distortion of time and space is of great significance to the future of mankind. Many people may think of time and space crossing, time reversal and so on when they talk about the distortion of time and space. In the view of many people, since time and space are distorted, it is possible to go back in time. In the future, it may be possible for human beings to travel through the future and the past by time machine. Will this happen?

Theoretically speaking, when the speed is faster than the speed of light, time may reverse. But in practice, we can’t prove the existence of time reversal. Although space-time distortion refers to the distortion of time and space, what we can study and explore now is only space distortion. Time itself is the biggest mystery in the universe, whether it exists is still unknown.

Einstein once put forward his own view on time: he thought that time might not exist. Human cognitive time is just a kind of behavior of their subconscious, human brain is deceiving us. It can be seen that a great scientist like Einstein can’t prove the existence of time, which shows how mysterious it is.

There is no doubt about the existence of space. Human beings live in space. The phenomenon of space distortion can also be observed in the universe, so how to study and explore the mystery of space distortion and let them serve us is the goal of scientists. Some people may say, what is the role of space distortion? Other things, it’s more important.

As we all know, the universe is vast. No one knows how big the universe is. The observable cosmic range of human beings has reached 93 billion light-years, but this range may only be the tip of the iceberg of the vast universe. If we want to explore the universe in light-years, we need to surpass the speed of light.

But according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. In a stable three-dimensional space, the fastest speed of an object can only be the speed of light. If so, then human beings will never realize the dream of interstellar navigation. At this time, we need to apply the space distortion theory. The fastest speed of a stable space object is the speed of light, but if the space is seriously distorted, the speed of the object will break through the limit of the speed of light and exceed the speed of light.

Curvature navigation, which scientists have been studying and exploring, is a way to use space distortion to fly faster than light speed. In this interstellar navigation mode, the spacecraft itself does not move, and what drives it forward is actually space distortion. This is similar to the earth’s surfing, the surfboard itself does not move, the undulating waves with the surfboard fast forward.

This curvature superluminal flight mode itself does not violate the theory of relativity, it just takes advantage of the distortion of space. You know, there’s no upper limit to the speed of space warping. You know, the universe has been expanding rapidly since the big bang, and the expansion speed is far faster than the speed of light, which is the most obvious phenomenon of space distortion in the universe.

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