Is this a mixture of boar and crocodile? Amphibious killer

The fossil of this creature was found in the strata of Niger, and the report of its fossil was published in 2009. He lived in the late Cretaceous, and even could compete with dinosaurs, known as “dinosaur slicer”.

Although its imaginary image was once as shown in the figure above, it seems to be more inclined to the figure below later

According to the research on its fossils, the body length of the wild boar crocodile is about 6 meters, which is different from the modern crocodile. Most of the teeth in its mouth are canine shaped, and its shape is similar to the tusks of the wild boar, which is the reason why it is named “wild boar crocodile”.

Its four legs are very long and can run fast on land, so boar crocodiles are amphibious predators, different from today’s crocodiles.

In the process of its predation, it first bumps into the prey with the mouth and nose of its hard armor, and then tears it up with the front teeth similar to those of a wild boar, which is of great lethality.

Most of today’s crocodiles have eyes on both sides and slightly upward, which means that most of today’s crocodiles are lurking in the water and preying on land animals. Unlike other animals, boar crocodiles have eyes directly in front of them. Do you want to be a monster crossed by boar and crocodile fish?

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