Is this kind of network culture worth promoting?

From YY tiktok, until emerge, the network video emerge in an endless stream, and the transmission power is also very broad. For example, in a previous live video software, 17-year-old girl Da V broadcast the video of her unmarried pregnancy, so for a moment, her fans followed suit, and then the news of 14-year-old girl unmarried pregnancy appeared. But this video software has not made a satisfactory response. As a result, this incident once caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

In the case of 17-year-old girl V’s pregnancy, the parties voluntarily broadcast it, but in some of our so-called funny videos, we laugh at the embarrassment of people or objects in the video, but have we ever thought about the feelings of the parties?

Two years ago, a woman was frightened by the prank of her family shooting funny videos, so she developed serious mental illness. After that, the woman did not dare to get close to her mobile phone, things with cameras, computers, or even contact with people. She often felt nervous and always hid by herself. Finally, the woman had to go to a big hospital to see a psychologist.

Psychiatrists said that this kind of funny online video is mostly taken by family members or friends around them when the person is embarrassed and uploaded. This kind of time is mostly when the parties are embarrassed and humiliated, so when they are announced as a joke, they will feel betrayal and great psychological pressure. Over time, this kind of psychological pressure will make people nervous breakdown.

Although it’s not cyber violence, is it soft cyber violence? I didn’t kill Biren, but Biren died because of me. Seemingly unintentional behavior, but it deprives others of self-esteem, not everyone seems so sunny and open-minded, this kind of invisible pressure can overwhelm people most. It is wrong for people to base their happiness on others.

So when we get happiness in ourselves and want to spread it out, should we think about whether it will hurt other people, respect the world and start with respect for others.

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