Is this planet an alien spaceship? There is a “welding mark” on the surface, with a length of 1300 km!

Since 1960, human beings have entered the journey of exploring the universe. The existence of alien civilization still puzzles the scientific community. Many people claim to have seen UFOs, but there is no direct evidence that alien civilizations have been to earth. Scientists have turned their attention to the universe. If alien civilization really exists, it must have more advanced science and technology than human beings. When they drive spaceships in space, they are bound to leave traces. Satellites are the best helpers to capture traces. Once upon a time, a probe called Cassini captured traces of a suspected spaceship for humans.

Cassini is a satellite launched by scientists in 1997. Its mission is to explore Saturn. Among the eight major planets, the mystery of Saturn has always attracted the attention of scientists. The secret of Enceladus has always been a proposition that scientists want to explore. Cassini is the last probe launched by human beings in the 20th century. It has also lived up to the expectations of the public and found the strange place of Enceladus for human beings. Cassini landed on Saturn and began the process of taking pictures. When it sent back the first picture, scientists found the trace of Titan 8 and found something strange.

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8. There is a bulge 1300 kilometers long on the surface

From the satellite photos, we can see that there is an obvious bulge on the uneven surface of Titan 8. According to the data of scientists, the height of this bulge is about 13000 meters, the width is as high as 20000 meters, and the most surprising thing is its length, which stretches 1300 kilometers. After seeing this picture, many people think that this bulge is similar to a weld mark, which divides the surface of Titan 8 into two parts and connects Titan 8 together through this weld mark.

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8 may be the spaceship of alien civilization monitoring the earth

Of course, this is only people’s guess. Scientists have also analyzed this bulge, but there are many loopholes in their guess. At this time, some people put forward a view that Titan 8 is not a natural celestial body, but a product of alien civilization, perhaps a spaceship for monitoring the earth by alien civilization. Although this view is surprising, it is not groundless. According to the calculation and analysis of scientists on Titan 8, it is found that Titan 8 is a celestial body composed of broken ice and cosmic dust, but such celestial bodies are generally comets, and it is impossible to develop into a stable satellite.

In addition to this, the orbit of Titan 8 is also surprising. According to the data of scientists, there is a unique angle between Enceladus and Saturn. Through this angle, you can see the rings of Saturn completely on Enceladus. This angle is too coincidental, too much like an observation station.

The strange phenomena in the universe are far more than that. After all, the level of human science and technology is limited. These are also our guesses. Do you think that Titan 8 is really a spaceship for alien civilization to observe the earth?

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