Is this satellite tracking the earth for 13000 years a deliberate arrangement of alien civilization? The answer is incredible

For hundreds of millions of years, the moon has been around the earth, making the earth feel less lonely. They are inseparable brothers. In addition to company, the moon also lights our way at night. Moreover, the existence of the moon makes the earth have a certain tilt angle, so that the earth has four seasons. At the same time, the moon is also an important driving force of the earth’s tide, which makes the earth’s heat more uniform.

With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous expansion of human needs, human beings are no longer stagnant in the exploration of the universe, but look farther and wider. Not to mention now, in the past, when the level of science and technology was very low, our ancestors never gave up exploring nature and even the universe, but at that time, people could only satisfy their curiosity about the universe by guessing.

At present, scientists begin to study the earth first, and then explore the surrounding stars. We are all very familiar with the moon. The contribution of the moon to the earth is very great. Many craters on the surface of the moon are the best proof. The moon has resisted countless meteorite impacts for the earth. Is the moon the only satellite on earth? What should the earth do without the protection of the moon? Life may not evolve so smoothly.

If there is any doubt, it means that it is possible. It is only a matter of time. But we don’t have to be too alarmed. Scientists say there is another satellite in Earth’s orbit. In fact, this satellite was discovered as early as last century. However, the scientific and technological level of nadang has not provided enough evidence to prove that the views of scientists have not been consistent, so there is no follow-up.

It was not until 1961 that Jacques Valle, a staff member of the Tiantai Observatory, discovered a huge satellite with an orbit completely opposite to the earth through the telescope of the observatory and was able to emit dazzling light. People named it “Black Knight satellite”. Although they knew what it was, scientists still did not give a definite answer.

Twenty years later, the Soviet Observatory gave the answer and successfully confirmed the existence of the satellite. According to the researchers, the satellite is not big. It has been flying along an elliptical orbit and looks very dazzling, like wearing a metal coat.

Later, the rumors about the satellite became more and more exaggerated. It was rumored that the satellite existed 13000 years ago. So the question is, which country has such a strong ability to send it? Later, the rumor was proved wrong. The strange thing about this satellite is that it constantly sends out mysterious signals. Is this the signal sent by alien civilization to monitor human beings?

Therefore, human beings have been afraid to take any action against this satellite, for fear that one action will cause trouble. According to NASA, the satellite appeared twice near Orion, only six months apart, so it is reasonable to believe that the satellite has a fixed orbit.

It’s believed that more and more people have been monitoring the earth for 13000 years. Although some scientists think that “Black Knight satellite” is just a part of an abandoned aircraft, just a piece of space garbage. However, it still can not explain why the satellite was witnessed by people in different regions at different times, which is still a mystery to be solved.

Although it’s still a mystery, Xiaobian believes that one day, when the level of human science and technology reaches unmatched, the mystery of “Black Knight satellite” will be solved by human beings. What do you think about that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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