Is time real or virtual? The scientists experimented in person and found the answer!

Is time real or virtual? The scientists experimented in person and found the answer!

The universe was born in a singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. With its appearance, space-time also appeared. What is space-time? It is a combination of time and space. Because of time and space, we feel how mysterious the universe is. Space time is like a physical quantity, but it does not contain time and space. For human beings, time and space are so important that everyone has encountered them.

The concept of time and space

Speaking of space, its meaning is simple and comprehensive. The place where we live is a space. Every space has its meaning of existence, everywhere. In history, many scientists have proved the existence of space through experiments. For time, many people do not understand, its concept is much more complex than space, it is like an ethereal existence, but human beings can not lack it. Human beings can sense the passage of time. With the change of times, human beings will get older and older, and their physical characteristics will change. These are all changes brought about by time. Is time real or virtual? The scientists experimented in person and found the answer!

In his lifetime, Einstein had his own unique view of time. He thought that time may not exist, but that human beings were deceived by their own memory and misunderstood time. Time is very likely the product of human subjective consciousness. In fact, it doesn’t exist at all, but is imagined. If you think about it carefully, there is some truth in what Einstein said. For example, there are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and so on. These are all human defined time. Obviously, if man is not the only living body in the universe, there are other extraterrestrial civilizations, and the definition of time is different, then does time exist?

Is time real or virtual?

In fact, there are many things that can’t be seen or touched, but they are real. For example, human consciousness is produced by human brain, which can distinguish the good from the bad. Although it is an abstract concept, we can’t deny its existence. Time and it is the same truth, many people still believe that time exists. Although Einstein denied the existence of time, he only made a guess, and did not come up with real evidence.

With the emergence of high technology, human beings can have a deeper understanding of the universe through satellite positioning, which is applied to the expansion effect of time. It can be seen that time really exists. If it does not exist, how can we use satellite positioning? Many scientists have made experiments, which prove that time really exists. Although it is very abstract, time is defined by human beings, and we can’t observe the true face of time. It always exists in the world of human life.

In addition, scientists have made different guesses about dimensional space. Human beings living in a three-dimensional world are certainly not as good as those living in four-dimensional space. Maybe we can’t see time in three-dimensional space, but we can see it in four-dimensional space. If human beings can reach four-dimensional space, maybe the concept of time can also be revealed. Do you think time really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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