Is underwear sock washed at the same time easy to get sick? Scientist: you don’t believe it!

With the development of science and technology, our living standard is getting higher and higher, and our life is becoming more convenient. In the future, intelligent robots may be invented to serve people, and some trivial things in that home are basically unnecessary.

In today’s society, people’s pace of life is faster and faster, and the responsibility of work is relatively heavy. When they come home after a day’s work, they drag their tired bodies to wash clothes. Many people will put underwear and socks into the washing machine to wash. Although I also know that underwear and socks may be unsanitary when they are washed together, I always feel that socks are a little bit dirty. Is that really the case? Is washing together easy to get sick?

According to the research, every underwear that you wear carries 0.1g feces on average, which will contain hepatitis A virus, rotavirus, Salmonella, Escherichia coli and other bacteria and viruses. There are 10 million bacteria, 1 million bacteria, 1000 parasitic cysts and 100 eggs on the underwear. The socks that you wear mainly contain sweat, old cutin, Staphylococcus aureus, fungi and so on . Therefore, underwear is not necessarily cleaner than socks, but for the sake of our health, we should not wash socks and underwear together.

Because if you have beriberi, you can wash socks and underwear together, which will spread fungi such as Trichophyton rubrum to underwear. Although it won’t cause mycotic vaginitis, it will cause tinea cruris and skin itching. Also note that the washing machine at home should be disinfected regularly, otherwise you can’t imagine how much dirt there will be on the washing machine. If the washing machine is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of bacteria and dirt. After a long time, it will lead to the accumulation of dirt in the washing machine, and then cause clothing pollution, which will cause people’s skin itching, allergy, dermatitis and other conditions. The consequences are also quite serious, so it is best to clean the washing machine with special cleaning powder every two months.

At this time, people are surprised. In Europe and the United States, self-service washing machines are often used. Basically, they are all used together. Underwear and coats are also put in together, and many people have used them. Why is it that people have nothing to do? Are foreigners different from us, with special antibodies? In fact, it’s not like this. No matter who they are, they have no special antibodies to Trichophyton rubrum. It’s just that disinfectants are added to the washing powder and washing liquid produced in foreign countries, and disinfectants can almost remove a large number of fungi. However, there are no disinfectants added to the washing powder and washing liquid in China.

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