Is Wang Mang the ancient “traverser”? When you see his wife’s clothes, you know why!

Those who are familiar with history must have heard Wang Mang’s name. In the history of our country, he has always appeared in front of human eyes as a negative image. When we carefully observe Wang Mang’s actions, we will find that he has a very long-term vision. In that era, he also carried out reforms, so many people think that he is actually a traverser.

Wang Mang’s life has a very obvious dividing point. At that time, a serious locust plague broke out in the Han Dynasty, so he donated all his 800 mu of land, and also contributed millions to the relief of the people. With more and more people’s love for him, he finally ascended the throne and became emperor. The name of the country was “new”. With the beginning of his succession, he also started a series of reforms. These reform measures were out of place in the Han Dynasty 2000 years ago. After all, in that feudal era, his reforms touched the interests of too many people. At that time, the society began to be in chaos. So what reforms did Wang Mang make, and were recognized as a passer-by?

What Wang Mang did

The ancient society was not equal today. It was often the first to abolish slavery and control prices, which was not a good thing for many traders. At that time, he nationalized all the land in the world, and then distributed it to all the people, so that every farmer could have land to grow. I believe you suddenly realized after seeing this measure, which is the same as our current land system. In fact, in addition to all kinds of advanced reforms, Wang Mang often invented many new things, especially when many people saw him give them When his wife invented the clothes, he vowed that Wang Mang was a passer-by.

He once invented vernier calipers. According to the calipers unearthed by scientists, they are almost no different from modern ones. According to Hanshu, he once set up an army and equipped them with invented “wings”. This is also the first time in Chinese history that he invented the legendary airplane. Many people are very surprised after seeing these two inventions of Wang Mang, but what is more surprising is still behind. We all know that the ancient society was very feudal and stupid. Ancient women could not show their ankles and joints, but he put on a short skirt for his wife.

What happened to Wang Mang’s wife?

It is also recorded in the book of Han Dynasty that when a guest came to his house, he let his wife wear a short skirt to receive the guest, which directly startled the guest. After reading this record, many people doubt that Wang Mang really crossed from the modern society to the past. But if Wang Mang really crossed from the modern society back to the ancient times and had a more detailed understanding of science, technology and knowledge, why could he not survive in that era?

Up to now, whether Wang Mang is a passer-by is still controversial. Although scientists have said that if space and time are distorted, it is possible for human beings to realize the crossing, we have not experienced it personally until now. Whether the crossing can really be realized is still unknown.

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