Isn’t it flying insects, strong light and UFO? Is the light ball captured by Tanzhe Temple really Buddha’s manifestation?

Tanzhe Temple in Beijing is very famous. Many Buddhists are eager to visit it. When the personnel on duty observed the monitor at the South Gate of Tanzhe City, they found that a light ball appeared on the right side of the monitor. At the same time, the light ball was moving with people. Looking at the picture carefully, there were black spots in the middle of the light ball. At the same time, there was a diaphragm around. The airflow was constantly moving in the diaphragm, which was very strange.

The staff on duty were at a loss, so some leaders came to watch together on the monitor. No one knew what it was, so some brave people proposed to go out and have a look. What people didn’t expect is that the people who went out to watch did go out, and their pictures appeared on the screen, but the light ball seemed to move intentionally. After seeing people, the photosphere left slowly, and according to the people who went out at that time, they didn’t see the so-called photosphere at all. All the scenes recorded by the camera are just opposite the gate of Tanzhe Temple. Don’t they know if they are really the manifestation of the legendary Buddhist land?

As soon as this matter spread, the media were full of gossip. Of course, netizens also blew up the pot. They all thought it was some kind of mysterious UFO, but. If it is a UFO, it must have a prototype, but the people who go out do not see what it is, so it means it will never be a UFO.

So could it be some feathers or something? It is possible that feathers are floating in the air and reflecting light. However, the size of feathers is obviously too large in front of the camera. In addition, researchers also tried ropes, sticks, water drops and so on. However, the size of such objects is obviously too large, but the light is similar, so this conclusion was rejected.

So is the light from the distance cast on the monitor? This may be a great possibility. After all, the camera is facing the gate of Tanzhe Temple. So is it possible that some researchers or people who work here, their flashlights or the light from the parking lot, are caused by the refraction and reflection lens, so they began to use all kinds of light under the leadership of the experimental group.

However, when the experimental group drove by the gate of tanzhesi temple, the strong light input, from the monitor, all the brightness was much higher than the mysterious light bulb, and the volume was also much larger. In addition, according to the monitoring at the gate of Tanzhe Temple at that time, there was no car passing by that morning, so this theory was excluded.

So many conclusions don’t make sense. Is it really Buddha’s manifestation?

At this time, a netizen provided clues. He used PS software to cut off the picture again and then enlarge it. He found that the black spot in the middle of the photosphere looked like the internal organs of a spider.

Spider gut?

This idea sounds really bold, but his theory is also very comprehensive. After all, the night vision surveillance camera is installed outside Tanzhe Temple. The light emitted by the camera itself is white light. As long as it is close to the object, it will reflect a kind of white light. But it’s not easy to get serious, so scientists began to prepare.

At this time, the researchers caught a spider and let it be about one meter away from the camera. When it swung back and forth on its spider silk, a miracle happened. The picture presented at this time was very similar to the mysterious light ball on the monitor. At the same time, there was even a light ball, just entering the halo radiation picture in the video.

At this point, a more reasonable explanation for the mysterious light ball incident in Tanzhe Temple finally appeared. It turned out that the spider was caught by the monitor when it was moving on the thin spider silk, and the light of the monitor itself made the spider reflect white light, so it looked like it was. There is a black spot in the center of the aperture, which is really the spider’s viscera.

All the truth may be just a boring fact, but the process of exploration and pursuit is really interesting.

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