“It” has been quietly protecting the earth, is the patron saint of the earth, for the earth

As we all know, the earth has not only survived for billions of years, but also provided us with a suitable living environment. Only with suitable air, water and soil can life be bred. There are eight planets in the solar system, only the earth is the planet carrying life and civilization wisdom.


If we have to talk about the livable zone, many small partners will have doubts, because the solar system is not only earth, but also Venus and Mars. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that, but why are there no signs of life on these two planets? Scientists speculate that it was caused by asteroids in space constantly hitting the two planets. Therefore, as one of the eight planets in the solar system, the earth is undoubtedly lucky to be able to give birth to life.

So, isn’t there an asteroid hitting the earth? Of course! The reason why dinosaurs died out was that planets hit the earth. But billions of years later, why life on the earth is still endless, in fact, because there is “it” in the dark to protect the earth!


Numerous asteroids are well known in the universe. On March 24, 1993, American astronomers discovered a comet with the telescope of the California observatory. From July 16 to 22, 1994, the comet broke into 21 pieces in a year and two months after its discovery.


Moreover, the 21 planets are flying towards the earth, and the diameter of each asteroid is more than 500 meters. According to the flight path of comets, they will definitely hit the earth directly. There was once an asteroid that hit the earth and led to the extinction of dinosaurs. Only one asteroid can bring such great power. So, will the 21 asteroids that hit the earth directly destroy the earth? It’s creepy to think about it.

Fortunately, the result is not what we expected. After flying a certain distance from the earth, the comet changed its orbit. The reason is that the comet encountered a strong gravity when passing around Jupiter, so the comet directly hit Jupiter at a speed of 60 kilometers per second.


After the impact of Jupiter, the explosion occurred immediately, which can be said to be extremely tragic. It has become the largest celestial body impact event since human observation of the solar system. Jupiter “sacrificed” itself, indirectly protecting the earth and protecting the life on the earth, so from then on, mankind praised Jupiter as the “protector” of the earth.


All along, Jupiter has been known as “hell planet” because the frequency of asteroid impact on Jupiter is more than 3000 times that of asteroid impact on earth. People only know that Jupiter’s environment is bad or even terrible, but they don’t know its “big heart”. Jupiter is the planet with the largest mass and fastest rotation among the eight planets, and its gravity is also very large.

When an alien asteroid flies to the orbit of other major planets in the solar system, it will be forced to change its direction by Jupiter’s strong gravity. As a result, these asteroids will collide with Jupiter itself, and the fragments will disperse and fly to the solar system.


Astronomy lovers have observed that the surface of Jupiter is uneven and scarred due to the impact of planets. In addition, Jupiter is an indispensable “big brother” in the solar system, and also guides all kinds of planets to rotate orderly in their own orbits, not only protecting the earth and human beings, but also maintaining the balance of the whole solar system.


So, astronomers and scientists are bold to say that Jupiter has been guarding the earth. If Jupiter had been there, the earth would have been safe and all life on earth would have been safe.

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