It has blue blood and has survived 4 times of “extinction”. Now it is eaten as a protected animal by human beings!

The earth has existed for several billion years, and there have been extinctions in a long time. We often say that every extinction is actually a reshuffle of nature. At that time, the environment of the earth was still very bad. For prehistoric creatures, every extinction was a great test. Some species withdrew from the stage of history, while others survived tenaciously.

For example, we are going to talk about this kind of creature today. It appeared on the earth more than 400 million years ago, that is, during the fifth mass extinction. Instead of being eliminated by history, this kind of creature has survived until now. It is horseshoe crab. Limulus life is also very dramatic. It has lived on the earth for 400 million years. It is the only creature on the earth with blue blood. It has avoided the previous four mass extinctions, but it has not been able to avoid humans. It has often become a delicacy on the human table, and now it has become a protected animal.

Human delicacies

Horseshoe crab is not unique to China. It is found in many countries in the world, but some countries are not interested in this kind of biological appearance. This kind of creature has a huge shell. If the shell is stripped off, there is not much meat left. For foreign countries, it is a strange creature, but in our eyes, the whole body of horseshoe crab is a treasure. Because its meat is relatively small and has a strong fishy smell, it is really a test of the chef’s skill to treat this kind of creature properly. Chinese chefs once thought of such a method, take out its meat and chop it into meat stuffing, and then add cooked powder and other ingredients to make horseshoe crab, which is also a very famous snack in Chaoshan, Guangdong.

In addition to this method, people in some places will directly stir up speculation. In fact, the reason why this kind of creature is very popular in China is because of a rumor. Some people think that eating its meat can “invigorate Yang”, which has also been refuted by experts. However, some people still insist on taking it as a prescription for tonic.

Is horseshoe crab poisonous?

Strictly speaking, tachypleus amebocyte lysate does not have any tonic effect. On the contrary, it also contains toxins in the body. If it is used too much or handled improperly, it will still be life-threatening. Although this kind of creature looks very strange, it has attracted the attention of our country. After all, this kind of creature is very special, and now it has become a protected animal in our country.

Due to the improvement of living standards, it is very common for human beings to indiscriminately hunt and kill wild animals. When a certain kind of creature disappears or even is on the verge of extinction, the ecology of nature will be out of balance. If something goes wrong in one link, it will ultimately affect us. Therefore, when we see this kind of animal, we must remember not to hurt them any more.

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