It has long been boasted that oil is exhausted, but why is oil resource increasing instead of decreasing?

As we all know, oil is a kind of non renewable energy, so our textbooks often advocate such a concept. If there is no way to save and use such resources as oil, we will soon have no oil to use. But in fact, through the data, we will find that today’s oil is not exhausted, but more and more. So what’s the matter?

Before studying why there are more and more oil, we need to first study whether the oil will run out. In fact, the most real situation is that in the 1950s, the famous geologist Marion predicted that the oil might run out in the future, and he also drew some kind of curve by himself. In this graph, he proposed a peak, which was in 1970 . He proposed here that 1970 will be a peak of oil production, and after this peak there will be a downward curve, which means that oil production will be less and less, and finally there will be no oil available.

At first, people thought it was just a joke. However, as most of the oil was used, the recoverable energy on the earth became less and less, and everyone began to panic. However, many people did not know that the oil production did not decrease. After all, the oil production did not decrease, but increased in recent years. In fact, this is easy to understand. After all, in the beginning, people’s oil exploitation was restricted by many factors, such as geographical conditions and technical conditions.

In the following days, due to the further improvement of people’s scientific and technological level and the improvement of detection technology, more and more oil fields will be found, and the means of exploitation will be more and more advanced. In addition, the utilization rate of oil is getting higher and higher, so in fact people can use more and more oil. At the same time, according to the data, more and more oil is exploited every year.

In addition, the level of science and technology has led to the discovery of another kind of oil in the United States, which is called shale oil.

Shale oil further increases oil production, so some major oil producing countries, such as countries in the Middle East, will lower oil prices to compete with shale oil in the United States.

In a word, according to the actual situation, the amount of oil exploitation is more and more. At the same time, there are more and more times for people to exploit.

Will it not dry up at that time? In fact, oil is composed of various substances, and these substances all have a common feature, that is, high carbon content, and they are an important part of the carbon cycle, so it means that as long as there is life on the earth, there will be carbon, as long as the earth does not die out, oil will exist.

That being the case, why should we develop new energy? New energy is also called clean energy. First of all, clean energy is very friendly to our environmental protection. Second, because of science and technology, some countries do not have very good technology to exploit oil, and some places are difficult to exploit oil, so many people will not choose to exploit it here, In this way, the cost of oil exploitation will increase significantly. So, to some extent, maybe the more you start to exploit oil, the more you lose.

At the same time, the carbon dioxide produced by oil combustion has a great impact on the earth. Therefore, in addition to the fact that oil is a fossil energy, countries hope to develop new economy and maintain their own sustainable development.

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